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Dalton Rolfe of Flint controls a train form inside the layout at the Detroit Model Railroad Club open house Sunday in downtown Holly. We regularly slow down, or rather are forced to come to a complete stop, and watch road construction crews. Though road construction is somewhat common-place (though it seems now more so than ever with the Putting Americans Back to Work Act) we don’t often get the chance to see railroad maintenance work. When a machine appeared near the tracks at the corner of Hwy 96 and 61 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, I pulled a U-Turn (legally) and got out to snap a few pictures.
Large ballast tampers have lifts which can raise the rails and work on several ties at once. Also according to Harsco Rail’s company web site, Pandrol Jackson and Fairmont Tamper merged in October 1999 to become what is now Harsco Rail. Originally from Nebraska, I am a history and railroad enthusiast currently living near Saint Paul, Minnesota. Site design by Chad Leigh Kluck, adapted from Newzeo theme by illuminatheme, powered with Wordpress. These are photos sent in by members so you can view them and get some ideas and inspiration. Attach your photos in the email and remember to include your name, the town and country you live in and tell us about the picture. The trains will be running when the Eerie Mad River Model Railroad Club runs its train set during the club's annual open house. There's also an ore dock, for loading ore onto a model of a Great Lakes freighter, the Robert Klotz.

Baker has been putting together a new roundhouse (a building for working on steam engines, part of the rail yard operation) and a styrofoam mountain. After working on the railroad all month, however, the members get to play on the meeting nights on the last week of the month, usually running about six trains at the same time.
The club has nine members, and is always looking to add new members to keep the club going. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I love seeing big machines rip stuff up, dig holes, or lift heavy steel beams into place.
Because of this we aren’t so acquainted with the process or even equipment, though they are just as cool in their own right. The Internet is 27 years old and we are still searching with only spoken or typed words as descriptors?
Now armed with a name for this machine, I was able to confirm it when I found the exact same Model 900 Utility Tamper on the Harsco web site.
It is interesting to note that Fairmont Railway Motors was founded in Fairmont, Minnesota in 1909. I enjoy trains, photography, and nostalgic memories, as well as the history of transportation, agriculture, eateries, breweries, and railroad towns. The trains running through the layout serve towns, a coal mine, a steel mill, a brewery and a logging camp, among other facilities.
The train set it operates has been in several locations, but since 2000, it's located in a garage across the street from the Amtrak train station. Members pay dues of $15 a month, which pays the bills to keep the lights on and to buy new equipment for the railroad line.

He's boarded the Amtrak train to ride the rails from Sandusky to Boston, and to Washington, D.C. The club takes its name from the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad, which began operations in Sandusky in the 1830s. The equipment is familiar: cranes, front end loaders, excavators, bulldozers, and skid-steers with very cool, massiveĀ  jack-hammers on the front. If the track sags in areas and is not level, the track can be lifted and ballast pushed under the ties to raise the track up (like lifting the end of a wobbly table and putting coasters under a leg). Since I didn’t get to see it in action I can only assume they use some sort of jack, forklift or back hoe or loader with chains, to lift the track and then use the tamper to work the ballast.
He has been a real inspiration when it comes to many things….but the love of trains is a true passion that I hope to continue with him !!! For domestic orders, we ship priority which means you should receive your DVD within 3-5 business days at most (and usually sooner).
For overseas orders, we ship international first class, which costs about the same but takes longer, usually around 10-15 business days.If you order other DVDs as well, we will combine your order to minimize S&H charges.

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