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Well it looks like I will be retiring my first layout this spring and moving to a more modular shelf layout instead. Coincidentally I have almost the identical space and have designed a plan with an industrial urban harbor theme. If I could figure out a way to upload my plan, I will post it as a follow-up to give some idea of my thought process. What is Train Brain?This is a circuit board made by CTI Electronics that brings a whole new meaning to the words a€?layout controla€?!Model railroad computer control used to be very complicated.

Another good point is that you can still use your walkaround Digitrax throttle whenever you wish to walk away from the computer screen and follow your trains. I did a quick rework, but I'm still a bit at odds with the salvage, furniture, glass, and warehousing area. I am not disagreeing with you about a runaround often being nice to have (and I have one on my upstairs shelf switching layout), but it is not a necessity. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

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