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Laying model railroad track is perhaps the most fun part of the hobby for me a€“ right next to building scenery and running trains. You may have to use small pieces of wood underneath the railroad ties on the adjoining end of the code 55 track so that the rails of the code 55 track will line up properly with those of the code 83 track.
When arranging curves for your model railroad track, make sure your radius is not too small for the size trains you will be running. After you have laid your model railroad track, you may wish to paint it to achieve a more realistic appearance.
Are you using the full line of walthers?  Are you using flex track?  What number switch are you planning to run?

For the most part any prototpye rail configuration can be duplicated with model trackwork, the question is how close to the protype do you want to duplicate. If you want pre-made track this means #6 or #8 double slip, to match #6 or #8 switches respectfully. A crossover simple moves trains from one parallel track to another, you need a crossing that isn't made as of yet. In fact, if you get any paint on the top, you should wipe it off right away to prevent electrical conduction problems when you run your trains. Q - Which kind of paint should I use to not interrupt the current (with the DCC signal) flowing in the rails? A - You can use any kind of paint you wish as long as you don't get any on the top of the rails. I found it was easy recently to use a paint marker that I bought in a hobby store to paint the ties and the rails.

The turnout needs to be #6 or higher The track goes through the turnout and crosses a parallel track on 2.5 inch centers. In other words, your track should go into the curve gradually using a greater radius before you get to the lesser (tighter) radius, then back to the greater radius again, before straightening out. Then lift the track off the layout, and glue down one of the A? strips with the inner edge lined up along the dots.

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