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Product FeaturesWalthers Passenger Car Interior Lighting Kits add realism to your passenger car fleet. N Scale Easy Peasy Passenger Car Lighting No more flickering lights over switches and other dead spots, no more drain on your power pack caused by a fleet of passenger cars all drawing power, no more lighting meltdowns due to high track voltage, turn car lighting on and off with ease without the cost of a decoder in every car. Sound impossible? Product DescriptionThis is the Interior Car Lighting for HO Cabooses or N Passenger Cars from Miniatronics Corp.
Walthers is now adding several new car types to their initial series of six Pullman heavyweight passenger cars introduced in 2004-5. As passenger train speeds increased and air conditioning became more prevalent, the traditional open platform observation car began to lose favor as patrons sought more comfort and safety, and the railroads sought space that was usable in both fair and foul weather.
Plan #3975C was for cars with a 3-compartment, drawing room, buffet, lounge, sun room configuration (some of the other #3975 versions had just 1 or 2 compartments, and some of the 1 compartment cars had a barber shop).

The interior details of the Walthers car shows sharp, defined construction from individually applied pieces, raising the bar in current passenger car model offerings. These ready-to-run cars use the same modular parts design Walthers introduced on the first series of cars. A benefit of this design is that Walthers can customize these cars to a wide variety of specific prototypes.
Another feature of the Walthers cars is that they come factory ready to accept a choice of lighting systems.
The reviewers' experience with several cars of the original series, as well as with this new solarium car, was that the car interior vestibule bulkheads and some of the interior partitions are too tall to allow the roof to nestle back down against the car sides with the lighting unit installed. These are excellent models of heavyweight passenger cars with specific, identifiable prototypes.

They're easy to use with mounting points and electrical wipers that correspond to built-in mounting points on the car interiors - there's no need for complicated wiring and contact installation!
Rapido's battery powered Easy-Peasy lighting kits! Installation is just as easy too - no soldering, no complex wiring, and no problems on DC or DCC.
Admire your work - you were done at step three N Scale Standard Passenger Car Lighting Will also work for N scale passenger cars, large scale cabooses, trolleys and buses.

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