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Just for fun, I attached some pics I took out here in the desert, near Nipton , California.
See how much fun you can have with a bit of foam, some painter’s caulk and some brown shades of acrylic paint.
Following on from my last post, here are some pictures that demonstrate how you don’t have to spend a fortune on your scenery. The composition makes it very easy to whittle into any shape you want for rolling hills, mountains, cliffs, and all sorts of items that require bulking up.
Even with these few concerns, Styrofoam is the best product for many of your scenery undercover needs.
When gluing foam to anything, use broad beads of glue and flatten them so you have as much surface contact as possible. Plaster of Paris makes a good coat for the foam, and it will leave a paintable surface for finishing that can mimic dirt, wood, or rock. Jimmy Hardwick has been a model train enthusiast for over 30 years, and loves helping others get started in this noble hobby.
I am a complete model railroading novice, and I’ve started this website to share what I learn with others who are also new to the hobby and want to learn about it.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. It is so light it doesn’t add any weight to your setup, and that comes in handy when you move your layout around for display. First, it doesn’t hold up to certain chemicals and can dissolve under the right conditions. Do not try to skimp with the glue because the foam will slip and cause headaches with the entire setup. You can seal it with some types of glazing that do not react negatively with the Styrofoam.
One small problem with using foam underneath a hard finish is the different shrinking properties that exist. When you have the hole the way you want it, spray a sealer on the hewed out area and paint it with black paint. I invite you to sign up for my newsletter and get the free report: 7 Model Train Mistakes To Avoid. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

Liquid Nails or other similar products will work, but check at your local hardware store to see what they have.
You can use craft adhesive spray to attach other things like paper, cloth, or plastic to cover the foam and form a base for coloring or finishing. Lay the foam over the track and align it the way you want and push down on the track hard enough to form an imprint in the bottom of the foam. I rode my motorcycle out to this very remote road crossing, and was rewarded for my wait with this train.
The second strike against it is how easily it can be broken, and it will crumble easily if not protected and cared for properly.
Model train scenery is a lot of work, but Styrofoam makes some of the behind the scenes work much easier. I have a set of binoculars that are also a digital camera……just the thing for train chasing!!

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