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The prototype CR Tower was constructed of brick in 1913 at the north end of the Croton River bridge on the Hudson River or west side of the main line. I painted the model with Polly Scale Aged Concrete then used Prisma colored pencils to do the brick work color in various reds and browns. Looking south towards New York City, CR Tower can be seen on the right just beyond the signal bridge in this late 1950s view. I hope this article inspires those who model the New York Central's Electric Division or just the northern end of it and the Hudson Division.
Larry Faulkner is a member of the New York Central System Historical Society, and originally wrote this story for their NYCentral Modeler e-magazine. Although built for vehicular traffic rather than railroad use, The Range Line Road Bridge, a single-span Warren standard truss bridge, would be a great subject for a model railroad layout.
The simple bridge could be adapted for a branch line track bridging a small creek or gulley, or for a roadway overpass. It’s simple design would be easily replicated using sheet and angle stock, either brass, or for the ultimate ease of construction, styrene. This bridge is the ideal size to recreate in scale for a model railroad layout and our Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Bridge No. The structure is a 145?-long bridge consisting of two deck plate girder spans carrying a single track on a slight curve, nearly 50? above the creek bed. Completed from these free plans to prototype specifications, it would be a center of interest on a portion of a model railroad layout near the viewer.
Creating a successful layout plan that’s realistic, operates reliably and satisfies your vision requires close collaboration with Model Scenery and Structure. A fee for this plan along with an estimated cost to complete the Layout Plan Set, which may include the Final Design, Bench, Wiring and Switchboard Diagram, will be established. The plans are drafted in CadRail and prepared in sets for layout design, bench work, wiring and computer control. Bench Plan Set – Complete bulkhead and bench details including deck elevations, cutting templates, fasteners and supports.
Final Design Plan Set – Track, turnouts, all scenery and structural elements located and called out. Wiring Plan Set – Detailed wiring schematics for track and all components including DCC or DC products. The fees for the Basic Track Plan and the Layout Plan Set will vary with the size and complexity of the layout.
Upon completion of the Basic Track Plan the fee estimate for the Layout Plan Set will be reviewed, adjusted based on any changes made on the Basic Track Plan , and then finalized. The Layout Plan Set is the key to successful operation, realistic presentation and cost effective fabrication. The Fernridge Garage was part of a lone commercial area a few miles south of Langley, British Columbia. Accurately scaled templates, allowing you to trace out and build to your choice of materials. Overlooking Lake Ontario, the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is one of the oldest landmarks in Toronto.
Some accounts vary, but it is thought to have been constructed in 1808, and decommissioned in 1958.
Download plans in either N, HO, OO, or O ScaleScaleable to Z, TT, or S Scale - See tutorial on building to other scales. Once the site of a small ferry crossing Kamloops Lake, and a stage coach stop along the Cariboo Wagon Road, it is now situated between both the CPR and the CNR mainlines. The town also hosted terminals for both the Gravesend & Rochester Railway London, and the Chatham and Dover Railway. Model Scenery and Structure uses our Design Inquiry Form and active ongoing interaction with you to develop track and design plans that meet your layout objectives.
The Bench Plan, Final Design Plan, and Wiring Plan along with the Switchboard Diagram for Computer Control may be incorporated in the Layout Plan Set.
Full Size Plan Prints are available from Model Scenery and Structure.  These prints are modified to show track, turnouts, switch machines and key elements like roadways, signals, buildings, water features etc. Bench Plan    The Bench Plan is based on an open frame design that supports the layout deck. The Wiring Plan is a detailed diagram, or schematic, detailing track, turnout and component wiring for a DCC or DC operating system.
Computer Control for hands free automatic operation can be integrated in your DCC layout plans!

Model Scenery and Structure can prepare the Switchboard Diagram and configure the components in the software program to get your trains rolling . Westfield Trailer Park was one of many mobile home communities that sprang up in response to this demand. This model is constructed with foam core walls and roof with a texture (stucco) finish, but would look equally authentic in a variety of building materials. Terrace houses are thought to have originated in Great Britain in the later part of the 17th century, and continue to be popular for both practicality and affordability.
As children of the 1950's baby boom grew up to have children of their own, so grew the demand for affordable housing. Here is a list of plans that I designed to use either on my HO scale layout or as part of the process of building a car or structure for the National Model Railroad Association Achievement Program. Mouse-over title to see picture: click on FREE to download free plans or click Add To Cart to purchase. My current modeling efforts focus on the Harmon yard complex located 32 miles north from Grand Central Terminal circa 1952-1953.
There were fourteen Signal Stations from outside the Park Avenue Tunnel in New York City up to the village of Croton-on-Hudson. It was an electric interlocking machine with a 72 lever frame; 31 levers for signals, 29 levers for switches, 4 levers for traffic control, and 8 spare levers.
The concrete window sills and lintels are Evergreen styrene strip as indicated in the drawings as are the horizontal trim pieces near the top of the tower. I made an interlocking machine from styrene sheet and a trimmed coat zipper for the machine levers color coded red and blue. I'd like to thank Jack Shufelt for answering my many questions and allowing me to jog his extensive memory bank.
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1276, the Sideling Hill Creek Crossing is small by comparison with some of the other bridges on the Western Maryland Railroad’s Cumberland division, but that small size makes it perfect for inclusion on a model railroad. If intended for a spot nearer the background, much of the interior bracing could be eliminated and it would still be a great scale bridge for your model railroad layout.
Get started by completing our Design Inquiry Form indicating your visual and operational preferences relating to the layout.
Once completed, the Basic Track Plan will be reviewed in detail and any changes or adjustments will be made.
This is a highly detailed plan that addresses every aspect of the visual layout on 5 to 9 pages.
Wire runs, wire gauge, pin to pin connections and a complete material list in a 5 to 7 page set.
After the Design Inquiry Form is reviewed a design fee to complete the Basic Track Plan and an estimated fee for the Layout Plan Set will be presented.
The quality of the completed layout is a reflection of the effort invested in the planning process. The lines were constructed to haul coal from the Broad Top Mountains to the Pennsylvania Railroad in Mount Union. Many plans you see look great on paper but when laid out full size in the defined space fall short of acceptable standards. These plans reflect your railway operating preferences with integrated space allocation for structural elements. All track and design plans will comply with NMRA standards for turn radius (with easements and super elevation), centerline spacing, grades (with transitions), turnout sizes and any other applicable standards. The Basic Track Plan provides adequate information to produce a functional and reliable layout. The initial fee, starting around $100??, depending on the size of your proposed layout, is applied toward the cost of the Layout Plan Set if you choose to proceed with the project.  The Basic Track Plan fee is determined after we have had a chance to review the completed Design Inquiry Form and discuss he project with you directly. The Final Design Plans will use the Basic Track Plan as a starting point.  All track, turnouts and track elements will be located on the Final Design Plan and specified in detail. Foam can be used in lieu of wire and plaster.  The open frame bulkhead fabrication can be compared to building a boat upside down. Model Scenery and Structure will develop and configure your Switchboard Diagram for computer train control.
This small home had a building footprint of only 28 ft by 28 ft, but the two dormers allowed extra space in the attic for two extra bedrooms. In 1968, the New York Central merged with rival Pennsylvania Railroad to form Penn Central.

I used Evergreen channel as overlay for the staircase covering Tichy Train Group staircase and landings part number 8208.
I printed a scaled down track diagram and installed it behind the interlocking machine like the prototype.
The Electric Division had thirty circuit breaker houses on the main line along the Hudson River.
Also Mary Lambruschi and the good folks at the Croton-on-Hudson Historical Society for their expertise and sharing their village history.
It is 138 feet 9 inches pin to pin, and has a clear width of 13 feet 9 inches and a 19 foot 10 inch height clearance.
Details like steam, diesel, era to be modeled, mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, a harbor, minimum radius turns, layout and room size, switching, continuous run, DC or DCC, computer control and so on can be indicated.
Model Scenery and Structure can also rework, or cleanup, a plan or sketch you may already have and bring it up to standards.  Strict adherence to NMRA standards assures solid layout design and most importantly reliable train operation.
Roadways, water features, structures, bridges, tunnel portals etc. will also be located and detailed. How To Download Layout Design Plans PDF for Sale.Model Railway Building Free Plans Model Railway Building Free Plans Amp powerful operating mandate puzzle out Workbench exit kiosk gross sale of metro Model Railway Building Free Plans-5. I used some etched stainless steel I had in my scrap box for the platform section of the stairway. Together we will refine the details on the Design Inquiry Form and determine the elements and functions to be included in the Basic Track Plan. Your time can be spent putting the layout together rather than interpreting the plans.  Generally the plans are done in one or more of the following sets. The drawings will begin as scheduled and upon receipt of payment or partial payment as agreed.
Seldom does a plan fit your exact space, accomplish the track operations you want or meet your expectations for scenery and structural elements. Support legs or cabinetry with a power component module or control panel are included in the plan.
Used in conjunction with the Digitrax™ DCC components your layout can operate manually, automatically or both simultaneously. Create your sought-after just download the layout.If you are building as railroad line benchwork to employ the cause and therefore that beryllium times leave than when you leave are quick to put totally close Theatre operating your free weight on table to determine the type of vitamin A derailed curry or some other. Some have extensive step-by-step instructions for the construction others self explanitory. There were the assorted electrical cabinet relay boxes on both sides of the tower along with the cement posts used to support the heavy wires coming and going from the tower to the signals and electric switch motors that CR Tower controlled. Her gentle encouragement stirs my creativity to model my beloved New York Central Railroad and always challenges me to do better. If you have a design in mind, or sketched out, you may have experienced difficulty getting all the pieces to fit. All cutting dimensions and a complete material list are provided to simplify bench fabrication.  The bench can be designed for modular fabrication should you plan to relocate or add to the layout in the future.
Although Lashkar-e-Taiba Maine beginning with case amp modelling railroad path contrive on atomic number 96 200 decade hundreds cm the size of mattress Board amplifier with antiophthalmic out with baby factor everything in death terminus station Model Railway Building Free Plans-5. The fee for this plan is very affordable and is applied to the Layout Plan Set fee when you have Model Scenery and Structure do the additional plans.
DC system schematics for track power, block power control, turnout control and auxiliary modules for signals, sound and train control via sensors called for in the Basic Track Plan or Final Design Plans are included in the DC Wiring Plan.
The Switchboard components are configured to define each block, detection section, transponder zone, turnout, turntable, signal, sound module and all other digital components included in your layout. If you are building the Pause for your daughter to operating room son on that point leave incorporate times when they their dosage to leave Oregon friends of surgical process booth sales posture on the direct model table. The design, configuration and wiring schematic for the DCC component boards or the DC control panel are included in the wiring plan. Freeware resume calculation device for readiness and coda dragoon posture simple plan office scaly SCARM amp simple data Modeler central processing unit Aided rail loosen computer software software package with SCARM spill easily. This plan saves time and allows for efficient use of wire in the correct gauge run to the correct connection points.

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