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This station is a replica of the station that was owned by Steve's Father which was located in West Branch, Michigan during the 1930's and 40's. The roundhouse which is under construction has two enormous cranes that are placing the roof trusses.
Pictured here is a view of the bustling down town area and train depot as people board the next train.
Here the train makes a stop at the logging camp and while there, picks up a load of stone at the quarry.
This Ford Dealership is named in honor of our very good friend, Jimmy Walker, who passed away at the age 42.
I would absolutely love to know how he models his water scenery – it’s perfect! The water is outstanding and looks very realistic,we would love a titorial on how you achieved this please ? Verry nice, this has given me encoragement I have been trying to get my baseborad right , for a 1950s coal mine with mining village . It looks as if you have two entirely seperate loops which are hidden by the magnificently constructed banks and hills. Hay ,are you sure you didn’t use n scale buildings and ho scale track?cant tell without the trains. I’ve sent your Photos all over The States and also most of Oz everywhere they have been very well received.
The chain link fence next to the park area, your lake, the oil storage units all are just perfect.
You have a wonderful layout, I’am sure you put in alot of blood, sweat and tears into your layout and enjoyed every moment of it.
I’m in the process of building myself and as I have included a harbour, I would be very pleased to learn how you achieved the water effect if you would choose to share it with us.
Your layout appears to be two loops, or flattened circles, with no turnouts (switches) or sidings or connections between them.
You have wisely chosen to include residential, commercial, industrial and rural areas for more realism. Great, I;m 73 just getting started,Would like to know size of layout, Also how did you do water?

This layout is HO scale and made in (3) 48 x 96 sections so someday my Grandson can separate to enable him to move it.
I have recently started my own new layout with a helix at each end to transfer to the other level.
This looks realy good ,I sure would like to have something like this.I only have room for a 4 Ft. I have followed Al’s advice as to where to find suggestions, and will follow some of his, but would welcome any from this group of modellers as to how to best utilize this great space. The water is the best I have seen, so along with all the others I would be very interested to know how you achieved such a realistic effect. I am building a layout in my basement where there is natural rock and would like to attempt making a waterfall. Astonishing, I have just bought a 3.6 metre x 2 metre and thought how much detail I have on my board, yours seems to go on forever.
The Valencia County Sheriff’s Office is investigation a shooting that took place Saturday night that left two people dead.
Since 1995, the club has used the Harvey House space at no cost. The city says it can’t do that anymore.
The railroad club has started a petition to try and save their spot in the Harvey House. So far they’ve collected more than 1,300 signatures. To the left are children skating in the park and skiers make their way down the mountain below the observatory. He was very instrumental in the restoration of this 1915 Model T Ford Depot Hack that is currently being worked by Jimmy's head mechanic. The pictures indicate discipline, professionalism and commitment in your work, you should be proud. I am in the prosess of makeing me a layout but I have not figured out what I am going to do at this time. We had a contractor give us a new room by closing in our carport, giving us a 16×18 space.
I’ve been experimenting with plaster products, forming rocks, and so on, and getting the feel for that sort of thing.
I’m helping Shriner put a candy land train table play station for under previledge children need some who lives in Houston, Texas who we can ask questions please!!!

Must keep in touch, I don’t mind at all you responding to my email, I get so much pleasure in what Alistair sends me. We must charge them market value rent and rather than do that we would prefer to see this as a time we can transition,” said City of Belen Library Director Julie Cervantes. The city also says it needs the rooms where the trains are located so it can put out more Harvey House records. Some people from as far away as Australia are in favor of keeping the model trains where they are. In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Have you considered the costs of parts and the man-hours, yours looks very expensive in both aspects, hope you enjoyed doing it and do not feel lost now it is finished. This hobby isn’t a hurry up and do it kind of thing,you have to plan and try different things to get it the way you want it to look and run.
My husband is good with problem-solving (something he did for GM for nearly 40 years), and seems to have good ideas with regard to wiring and designing track layouts. I live in Australia and when my wife gets home tonight I will ask her to photograph mine and somehow add an attachment, regards John. Users who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. One of the first things I read when starting this hobby was that no matter how much you put into this hobby it is never really finished because you will always find something to change.
Shortly afterward, we went to visit my son out of state, and he had some trains that a neighbor wanted him to sell on ebay. I am so excited, and have been building and collecting in anticipation of the completion of this room. Best of luck to all since this small hobby you’ve embarked on will now consume your life. We’ll use three walls, as there are two doors on the fourth, leaving me little workspace, but I have the adjoining sun room in which to work, too.

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