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Because of non-railroad abuse of the site, new members MUST use their first names (at least) to join NO EXCEPTIONS! Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser. I know some folks use the Atlas turntable under a nicer looking one , just to get the indexing feature . You can see them on my web site if you want better images.Anyway, for anyone that is interested, the turntable was covered with stripwood, the sides are blocked in with individual stones that I make from strips of plaster.
I'm not very fond of their turntable - but now I see what a creative imagination & some great modeling can do.

The little Atlas powerhouse is still there, but I covered it with stone blocks, stripwood and Paper Creek roofing. Irv showed me some prototype photos of covered turntables, to keep the snow out, and he had one on his layout converted to a covered Laws type, with an "A" framed bridge, and another completely covered unit he built inside a brick structure. The powerhouse still lifts off the drive motor and even the coal laying around lifts up with the model. I layed waxed paper under the structure before adding the coal and gluing it down like ballast.Turntable works fine for small steam.
Ben also has a product called Baby Blocks that look pretty good painted.My stripwood was applied with ACC.

It stress relieves the plastic and you could end up with an ootsfrayootlay instead of a turntable.My bridge is detailed with Grandt Line NBWs and gussets robbed from Grandt high side gondola hardware.

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