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As for the rr, I'm doing a number of different things from scenery to hooking up switch machines with some DCC programming thrown in.
The Daughter Son in Law and Grandson are coming to visit today on there way to Edmonton to vist Great Grandma so the usual chaos will prevail around here. If you aint had a eso or colonoscopy, please get one Only way to avoid what I'm going through.
Evening diners, I just received a TCS WOW Sound decoder and installed it into a Mehano Mikado, and I must say, I am very impressed, the load-controlled chuff, the many whistles. What is laid down, ordered, factual is never enough to embrace the whole truth: life always spills over the rim of every cup. I would make the porch only 4 feet by 4 feet with a 3 foot full width door on either plan if used. Galaxy- May I also suggest, and again this is just me thinking here, you consider the plans with the open kitchen.
In order to keep my position as Master and Supreme Ruler of the House, I don't argue with my wife.
In the times of electronic banking and data transfer, one would think they could do it overnight! 5} we are looking into the 14x38 shell cottage for $11k that will become something like the plans we discussed. 6}Then in the {heated} basement as we can afford it we finish it off and build TRAIN LAYOUTS! 7}We can't quite afford the $11k YET either, or the $12,900 for the land but I think we get the land for 10K. So, you see, they are all avaialble and the one I like with city services has been listed for awhile, so it may be bargain at even 8k, unless it hasn't sold as sticklers for the askign price! The second realization was that these poles were fine for Main Street in the business district but they would be totally out of place next to the caboose supply shed or the feed mill.
Why not sleeve the bottom of the poles with styrene tubing long enough to go through your scenery. Good start to the week everone!  No models finished this week but some pictures and a video of my new Bowser C-430's with a Flexivan Train at the Strongsville, OH Club Layout!
Rule 3: Illuminating discussion of prototype history, equipment and operating practices is always welcome, but in the event of visitor-perceived anacronisms, detail descrepancies or operating errors, consult RULE 1! Gidday All, once again a balmy Friday evening, it was a very humid 78 F with a sticky wind this afternoon, thank goodness for a cool breeze now. I guess that all the above is just a very longwinded way of introducing my current work in progress offering.
And I managed to find an easy to fix Norscot Cat scraper for $5 at the scratch and dent hobby shop. Not sure the exact dye or stain you're using , but going over it with a dark to medium gray wash will take out most of the red highlights, then lighter gray over that will add contrast and blending. Lots of electrickery work adjusting lighting this week and finishing off a few more lighted cars. And I finished the week by dimming the lights on my BLI California Zephyr and adding anti-flicker lighting. Eastern Car Works Covered Hopper Kit with Round Hatches, added airlines and A-Line Sill Steps, Painted with Scalecoat II Reefer White and lettered with Herald King Decals.

IMRC Undecorated PS 5277CF Boxcar, Car was completely assembled so all it took was some Scalecoat II Reefer White and Herald King decals to complete the car. Gidday All, As I expect Great Stuff as per usual this weekend Gentle folks,  and I should also add too that last week ends offerings that I missed. Alas no w**k on the waterfront project for me, though I have been w**king away from home in a port city. Still have not done any work on the MRRing, although I did get the pickup truck running so I can at least pick up the needed lumber for it. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. I'll have a bowl of chili with grated cheddar and some oyster crackers, with a RBF to wash it down (or would that be dessert?). He might be recuperating from some of his treatment - I have heard from others that chemo (and maybe other) treatments can wear a person down a fair bunch. Usually something very rare at this time of the year, but our weather seems to go haywards these days. I have been through both colonoscopy and gastroscopy a number of times, and I don´t like either one of them. That's the literal meaning, however, figuratively it means to understand something in a profound way. Not much to report other than cleaning of the train area has begun and I'm sorting through stalled projects and piles o piles to find desk and bench tops. I've had a couple of friends get chemo so I know a little about how much it knocks you on your can. It looks very similar to teh Whidbey, but has only one BR scheduled for the first floor, with loft BR for second, adn is only 14 wide!
I would use the Whidbey length and 2nd br {only making it about 7x9 foot-small but doable} into the Harbinger format of Kitchen and bath. He's currently out in nthe wilderness with no internet access and therefore is unable to log onto the forum here due to lack of signal.
I suppose that I could get away with the styrene if I soldered a wire from the bottom of the metal pole as it is now to the jack I am using to supply power.
All in all it does prove that Rome and marvellous scratch built black shops weren’t built in a day. I like to hang out with fellows like him when I have time in some of the narrower regions of the interwebz.
The chop simply involve cutting a scale foot off the base of the cab after removing the steps to reapply after the cut is made. You'll see two great coal-hauling layouts, one models the East Broad Top and the other is a freelanced diesel-era line through Tennessee and West Virginia. Things not quite so full on this time so had the time to assemble this kit, that I had bought 2nd hand unbuilt at a train show a while back, at my lodgings in the evenings. In the end, I just set up a length of flex track on a board, hooked it up to a digitrax pr3 interface and that solved that.
I am too tall for my internal framing, and there is quite some wear and tear on it, causing a lot of pain, fortunately only now and then.

To grok something is to be one with it in a way that the observer and the observed become merged.
I got most of the museum stuff that's been laying around sorted and boxed and placed in two large bin boxes so they can be stored back at the museum.
The wife, who might could eat most of a Cornish hen if she were starving (after the appetizer of course) ordered a whole rack of ribs figuring I could eat the rest or take home. BUT if you take the 2ft base cabinets into account, that gives you only 4’ between countertops.
I only thought of it because I remembered a pic you posted of the inside of the black Apple before you painted it. Haven't had much time for that lately, so it is great to see the advanced, as wellas every sort of skill level short of that, every time in WPF. The Hauff brothers conversion (July 2008 RMC) included this, but I omitted it when I narrowed the mechanisms, etc.
The front wall of the cab needs to be notched up a little more and new holes drilled for the handrails along the hopod where they go in the front of the cab. Today after laying track last week for my coal mine, I thought why don't I have a through track instead of another stub track.
That mostly consisted of re-securing part of the steel skirting at the back of the trailer.
And I hope that office there gets (quickly!) around to locating your paperw**k, so you don't have to choose between eating and having a roof over your head. The old Netgear is about 10+ years old, so I figured their WiFi router should hold up at least as well - or better - than the Belkin has.
The only disappointment for me is the generic chuffs, but that is me coming from the LOKSound decoders.
He suggested I pull the vented power supply from my black Apple and put it in the overheating A2S2128. Other how-to stories include making wooden fences for model railroad scenes and choosing resistors for your light-emitting diode (LED) projects. You even had a suggestion for Ray's question - which I would say, makes you a contributing member of the Diner! Well, it´s not so nearby, a 35 mile round trip, not much, but we go there nearly every week, so the gas we use sums up to a nice amount.
If I stick with the metal construction they should slide in and out of the right sized hole in the scenery quite easily. I also finished converting a third loco, which is till undergoing tuning and hope to finish another one some time soon. She lives in a lodge, her husband passed 4 years ago and 99 percent of her friends are gone too. Hopefully I can install the plug so that it will line up with the bottom of the hole in the scenery.

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