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Over the weekend, Ifound a picture in Railroad Magazine in a 1975 issue, of a Diesel Shay, rebuilt from a Steam Shay.
Here's some questions though, what's the difference between the Diesel SHay, and any other diesel with a tranny and a driveshaft?
In my modeling era, the JNR was heavily into diesel-hydraulic propulsion, both for locomotives (up to 2200HP) and under the floors of the myriad DMU cars that protected passenger schedules on un-electrified lines. I thought it was a bizarre creature, and I;ve been looking for a street-running switcher to use. Weather the scrap yard track with Krylon Camo Brown and will use some weathering pens I have later. Bottom left in the picture will be a road crossing, the left of the section will be a road. Got all the engine facility tracks down, even put in a yard light, just need to put the rest of the building together. For the 2% grade into the lower sections I glued a 2% Woodland Scenics grade on to a piece of paper and then cut in half.
Engine tracks will not be raised on cork, not a fan of not using cork because it not as easy to get up later if I change things but oh well. I know, too much power for a switching layout but I hope to do ops involving one 6 axle loco, 2 rolling stock and one caboose to the industry section. I really enjoyed the article in MR about the paper models, I had already built the Scalescenes free models but the article made me order the Warehouse as well.

19 Years old, modeling the Cowlitz, Chehalis, and Cascade Railroad of Western Washington in 1927 in 6X6 feet. And so things languished for just about a year until this holiday break when I again put some time into the layout.
The two BN box cars on the left will were the loading docks are, two reefers will be on that track as well. You have done well and there is room for expansion in your situation, yet!  All the best.
Very interesting to follow your progress, and you have certainly made a lot of progress since your first post 10 days ago. I don't have the facia on this piece of bench work yet but wanted to get it up and running.
Well, this one was a centercab design, with a grill that didn't look like the measured, just strung piping, but the shay-drive was exterior mounted. I do remember residng the shroud was to not spook the horses, though I'm not sure why a wgon with a meatgrinder on the sidde is any less scary than a steam engine with a meatgrinder on the side, as I tought the rods were still visible (to allow for turning radii) I thought maybe oto, a diesel would be a fun and unique way to go about a shay. The brown material shown next to the track is some dirt from my backyard that I cooked and sifted. I used fine ballast(bigger ballast will be used on the main line) on these tracks so trucks could drive around on. The inside curve is about 26" radius, it should be ok for my SD70ACE and long reefers.

Building card models is great fun and you can get great results with it.These are scratchbuilt using the Scalescenes sheets and photographic images from among others the Busch background image CDs.
I believe the bench work is about 44” in height, so I can do switching from a chair and have a realistic view(IMO).
I am using a Bachman car repair shop as a scrap building, I am pondering making it only two doors to give more room for ground cover or etc. Have you had any issue with the track and road bed bending or coming undone once applying the ballast because of the white glue?
Not sure why I put the building were it is but the inside will have a concrete slab for covered loading.
Next steps will be to work my way out towards the harbor area to tidy that up and make it safer by adding guardrails and the like. This would give you more industries to switch.You would have to use a small radius to bring the track around and perhaps use a triangle piece of benchwork in the corner. I printed it on cheap matte photopaper and laminated it on 1mm card (cheap variety).I can really recommend you to try one, They are fun!

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