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Three similar cars were rebuilt in 1949 for the same Santa Fe train.  It was probably at this time that the upper portion of the windows were blocked. There are sixty-eight photos of this HO gauge layout under construction at the National Train Show.
KMOX radio auctioned the entire HO scale train layout, with all proceeds going to Outreach Saint Louis.
From here, we learn about the passion that director Bryan Singer shared for this project with scriptwriters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris. Clark back on the Kent Farm in Smallville.Photo by David James, courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures. As you listen to this recording, you'll find that John Ottman's score not only respects the classic themes established by John Williams' 1978 compositions.
But the real treat here is the extra goodie that's included along with the digital version of the "Superman Returns" soundtrack.
But the real treat here is the extended video clip – a preview of almost 7 minutes -- from the full length documentary on the making of the film, "Look, Up In The Sky!
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Description: Model Railroader is the world's largest magazine on model trains and model railroad layouts.
Louis area members of the National Model Railroad Association and is inspired by scenes and railroads of the Saint Louis area.
143 pages of content, over 150 full color images, glimpses into the characters, the actors, the locations, the special effects and -- yes -- the suit. Oh, now that would be telling … But with your own copy in hand, there is plenty to discover about the world that Superman calls home. Well, I suspect that you'll be able to find this softcover on sale at your local comic book shop, if not a at newsstand nearby.
If "Superman Returns: The Official Movie Guide" could be purchased in theaters next week, at the very same multiplexes where this Bryan Singer film will begin screening next Wednesday. Because this publication reminds me of one of those  great souvenir programs from classic films that you used to be able to buy.
But that "Superman Returns" soundtrack takes things to a whole new level by creating new themes and moments that are sure to become treasures all on their own. As an old favorite takes off on a whole new journey, I know that I will all be along for the ride. When a friend of mine told me about Star Wars back in 1977, he showed me the souvenir booklet -- it was about 10x12, black pages with white text and lots of photos from the movie.

We feature beginner and advanced help on all model railroading scales, including layout track plans, model railroad product reviews, model train news, and model railroad forums.
I managed to find not one, but two goodies that really take me back to the movie-going days of my youth.
Where you'll find that the soundtrack album for "Superman Returns" is already up for sale.
When I went to see the movie, it wasn't enough for me to see the film -- I HAD to get a copy of that souvenir booklet. That special summer-time sort of excitement that only comes from catching a blockbuster during its initial theatrical release. A reprint of the original 1940 program) when "Fantasia" was re-released to theaters in 1990 in honor of the film's 50th anniversary. I still have it packed away (though I managed to loose the cover somehow). Can't wait to see Superman Returns next week.

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