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I have done some work on the side parts, they will be painted separately, and the bars glued at the end. The cylinder glued on chassis, added hook spring, air tank, some air pipes and brake parts. More details added today, brake spring, brake power switches, the cylinder connected to main line, the valve glued back on its place.
Painting started, base color for wood sides after primer, and now in the middle of work on the chassis. ALL Children DO NEED to be SUPERVISED by an ADULT as sharp cutting tools are needed to complete the model. A few models can be motorised - ELECTRIC MOTORS are NOT included with any DAPOL PLASTIC model kit. Please read all instructions before commencing the build and assembly of your kit and first check that all components are within the plastic packaging. Well just before you get the wrong idea this is not a place that you are likely to find pictures of my actual customers, good looking bunch though they are, thats not what really interests me! First up is Mick Lock, a UK modeller of US prototypes who has the one of the largest known collections of my skips so far.
Photo CallIf you have built one or more of my kits or made use of one or more of my motors and are pleased with the outcome please send  me a picture or two for the gallery. Next is Chris Schmuck, a US based modeller (modeler?) who has made an excellent job of an O&K and skips.
Matt Coleman is a US based N scale modeler who has fitted my Bachmann remotor kit to several of his fleet. More pictures coming soon, please send me some of your models from my kits or using my motors, mechanism parts or resin casting materials!! Anthony Frederiksen is a UK based modeller who has put together at least one of each of my rolling stock kits to make a very believable industrial NG scene.

Robert Kaczmarczyk is a UK based 009 modeller whom I have met on many occasions at exhibitions.
Neil Moss is a talented modeller and kit designer who was probably the first person to complete the final 20HP Simplex kit, I had not painted mine by the time he took these photos! Charles Silvain is a French modeller who has sent me these photos of his O&K complete with weathering and rusting showing how well this kit works in HO scale. Alex Duckworth sent me these beautiful WW1 scenes including his simply superlative Simplex, sorry to wax lyrical but the quaility of build and paint job is truly stunning. Another Car for my German WWII train arrived, I was very lucky to find this rare one in a online shop. I glued together buffers and completed couplings, all the parts are now added on the buffer beams. Trumpeter left out everything,  except of the visible parts of the frame beam at the sides.
I will make silicone moulds for each completed part, and my scratch build will continue with mechanical parts, arms and rods. Softer, blue silicone used for one piece moulds, which are better to use for pressure casting of resin. The results are absolutely  stunning, clean, perfect copies of their masters, faraway from my best hopes. Their oil mixture used for buffers, mechanical parts of the brake and to add greasy spots around the oilers. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Stephen Sullivan is an excellent UK based 009 modeller who has produced this beautifully finished O&K in a livery typical of some of the preserved locos in Germany. I could not find any more informations about that, so I am going to change years fo 1940.

The kits are completely unmade and in the original packets, that are still sealed and unopened. This kit has nice details, but everything underneath is missing, Trumpeter just left it out.
Trumpeter´s pain, the kick off marks are well visible, busy work with sandpaper and putty is required.
Silicone will stick together everywhere, where the separator is not applied, but I will not have to do complicated cut in two levels in first case or to split the mould in large triangles between rods. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
There should be air braking system and equipment, however it is very old car, according to decals, that was later upgraded with the brake and new buffers. Small parts glued on thin plastic sheet, which will make airspace to avoid bubbles in resin castings. In the third pair of photos two micro motors are used to power two different single decker trams. Then levers for switching brake power, shutoff and to empty the system, and all the arms and rods at the end.
Pressure casting will be used for most of them, anyway the moulds for rods go well even without pressure. Another picture shows degassing of silicone in plastic container, and once again, when poured in moulds. I suppose that the mould with many small rivets and screws on the arms will bring short castings without pressure, I´ ll find out when the first piece comes out.

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