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This shows the front side of the circuit board -- the regular grid of holes for this prototyping board was mostly a help.
One of my concerns was being able to maintain the panel -- but after a couple of changes and replacing a few bad LEDs I am satisfied with the arrangements.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The control panel is finished as I had intended it -- this would be the fourth (or maybe fifth) version. The double row of black pins are the backs of header pins soldered to the board on the other side. The LED can be clipped off the board without much difficulty (or unsoldered if being salvaged). In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

After countless frustrating tries I succeeded in plotting the locations of all the LEDs by overlaying the installed circuit board with some old overhead transparency sheets, taped into register and marked.
The grey rectangle on the end of the long track is a 10 LED position indicator for my RoRo elevator -- triggered by microswitches on the unit. This side was used for wire wrap connections, the 30 gauge wire fit easily through the holes and these short pins (header pins) were long enough to get four turns of wire wrapped on. Four or more LEDs could share the same return -- so it was helpful to use a common pin, daisy-chaining the return made subsequent maintenance more difficult. I thought the article was easy to read and the pictures and wiring diagram were very explicit. The row of toggle switches (bi-directional momentary) operate the turnouts -- up for thrown, down for closed. And while the header pins held the wire wrap snuggly, some LED pins were too soft and round for a durable connection.

The 30 gauge wire is just removed and discarded -- it cannot be re-wrapped reliably and with this gauge of wire spotting a broken connection is not easy. The curves are cut from adhesive sheet vinyl sold at the LHS for patching RC airplane wings.
In the current configuration there are six 26 conductor ribbon cables between the panel and the DTM30s. During wiring both sides needed to be worked on -- the spacer (four in total) kept the LED leads from getting damaged.

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