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At the model railway exhibition, called Intermodellbau Dortmund, the company Rautenhaus Digital was presenting this beautiful demonstration layout of a model railway in N gauge with full digital command control. What may be a record number of micro and small model railway layouts were gathered in a single exhibition at the Masterton Train Show, held in August near Wellington, New Zealand. The first three photos (above) show the outside of the bootbox that became a layout housing, as well as the general arrangement of the track and the surreptitious loading opening that will be hidden behind storage shelves (below left). Completing the transfer involves a couple of finicky maneuvers, including several approaches to the very front of the layout, followed by backing toward the right side (left photo).
Instead of working with eight different types of cars (or color-coded cars), Karl uses only two kinds of Bachmann cars—V-dump and wooden dump ore cars. John Bruce, from Los Angeles, California, US, has been doing some experiments with solar-powered model trains. Alexander Kaczmarek, who lives in Berlin, Germany, has designed two layouts in two different scales for the same physical space—each inspired by a prototype German station. Frequent contributor Bob Hughes, from Sandbach, Cheshire, UK, sent in the following report about his new On30 layout. Christian Amman, from Nuremberg, Germany, was inspired by the Squarefoot Estate Railway to build this very similar Gn15 layout in a 43x36cm (17x14in) space. Christian has also prepared and placed on YouTube a delightful video of the layout in action (below).
Perko Paper Products first appeared on this website in 2004 as a design by Geoff Perkins, from Brisbane, Australia.
The layout measures 13?x8?in by 4in high, using N scale trackage (9mm gauge) with HO scale rolling stock and scenery. No more current flows after that, so the triac does not receive any gate current and switches off. The TIC206D can handle several amperes, so it can easily drive just about any type of turnout coil. Four talented modelers—Murray McKenzie, Paul Napier, Gavin Sowry and Will Vale—assembled a total of 12 small and micro layouts, many of which had previously appeared in these pages. In the center photo above, a pallet of road cones has been placed on the little narrow-gauge (Gn15) pallet-mover loco.
Some pretty fancy driving is involved, starting with picking up the pallet from the motor unit parked at the back right (center photo). This action allows a large U-turn all the way to the left side (center), and with another backup, allows the fork lift to deposit its load in the bin closest to the wall (the most difficult one to service).
He will vary the size of their talus loads (coarse, medium, small, and fine) to differentiate which cars are to be switched in what order.
The bottom line is that, as many reviews of such panels point out on the web, the voltage and current ratings for these things are optimistic at best. At top right, inspired by this web site, is an H0 micro layout with three independent lines and no turnouts.

There’s too much mandatory paperwork in our daily lives for me to voluntarily include reams of car cards and waybills and switchlists and Form 31 orders in my hobby. When you stage or fiddle a cut of cars to be delivered, each car’s destination is automatically determined by its car type. Have it in your head, and you won’t need to write it down, print it out or cross it off. The layout is basically an Inglenook style switcher, with many intriguing details like those in the pictures, including a Sentinel geared steam loco #14 acting as station switcher, some commotion outside the cantina, and soldiers guarding the post and express office.
Click on the large arrowhead to see the show… and be sure to turn up the gain on your sound system—the sound track will surprise and entertain you!
He has laid the track, including some special work that shows up well in the aerial view (above left).
The loco is a scratchbuilt vertical-boilered Climax that scrapes very gingerly around the tight curves. Carl came to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon where he graduated with a degree in physics and met Sheila, his wife of 49 years.
Since 1993 Rautenhaus deals with model railroad technology, especially in the field of developing and manufacturing components for digital model train control systems. The layout is called Winona Quarry Co., in honor of the Minnesota town where his parents were born and grew up.
I’ve done some experiments with cheap solar panels and tried them with both HO and N equipment.
On a bright sunny day at noon, the panels shown could barely move an Atlas HO RS-3 if it was on a slight downgrade.
Naturally, this layout is space limited, so he elected to emulate a real station that was seriously short of room and called it Grub am Forst. BOCR is predicated on the assumption that each industry and car spot on your layout accommodates a different type of car.
Featured operation, like the Squarefoot, is to load an open wagon with coal (or candies), move it to the front track via the hidden sector plate, and dump the load off the layout (for candy, it’s dumped into the eagerly waiting hands of the audience!).
Backstage, a rotating sector table (upper right) has been made from a CD disk and jewel case (see article elsewhere on this site).
Larry’s previous efforts featured in these pages are found in Scrapbooks 68a and 83a. Changes in the logic level of the input signal are passed on by the buffer stage built around T1 and T2. However, bear in mind that the TIC206 requires only 5 mA of gate current, while most triacs want 50 mA.
Just to see if it would work, I used the pallet mover and 3-speed radio-controlled forklift from the RS&W, a length of old track, the smaller pallets and cones that came with the 3-speed forklift, and some styrene sheet and foamcore offcuts. The advantage would be that solar panels would be much less unwieldy than an extension cord and wall-powered control unit.

Track 2 is the home of longer EMU?s from another line and therefore the only track in Iserlohn with overhead wire. This fictional station is based on several real stations that were truncated by the partitioning of Germany in 1949.
Well, if the ice house is the only place on your layout which could plausibly receive a reefer, it becomes pretty Blindingly Obvious where that particular car belongs. It is a micro at 42x10in (107x25cm) for the scenic section with a single cassette offstage. And Geoff is adding structures, fittingly kitbashed from Metcalfe Models low-relief factory card kits.
That will cause the switching times to become quite short, so it may be necessary to reduce the value of R1. The trains never leave their lines (one is operated by Deutsche Bahn and the other by a private company). Same thing with the tank car behind it (the retail oil dealer) and the lumber flat (the furniture factory). Once a car has been spotted at an industry, its next move is off the layout to someplace in the vast North American rail network. Following retirement from Westinghouse, Carl threw himself into the world of micro-railroading.
This circuit takes advantage of the fact that triacs can be triggered by negative as well as positive gate currents. So Iserlohn is the terminus of two highly frequented commuter lines (a train every 30 or 60 minutes on both lines).
And there’s usually only one interchange on a micro layout, so your route is Blindingly Obvious.
That causes a positive current to flow through D2 (D2 is reverse biased) to the gate of T3.
This web site attracted a large worldwide following, and Carl built up a collection of friends who came to know and respect him even though most had never met him in person.
He and Sheila moved to Olympia in 2009 to be close to their son Giles and his family, where Carl enjoyed time with his three grandchildren.
His wit, erudition, and creativity made this true gentleman a joy to be with, in both the real and the virtual world. This site is a trove of microlayout ideas and examples, and so long as it continues will keep Carl's memory alive and further the hobby he loved.

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