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The Class A4 series locomotives were designed by Sir Nigel Gresley in 1935 with the specific aim of creating a steam locomotive that could pull passenger cars at high speed.
The four remaining in the UK came back together in 2008 in honor of the 70th anniversary of Mallard’s record, but nobody even considered the prospect of a full reunion of the six.
Once the deal was struck, there was the small matter of figuring out how to move two 100-ton locomotives and their coal cars thousands of miles from their display tracks to Halifax, then across the Atlantic Ocean to Liverpool and thence to the National Railway Museum.
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Model railway track plans, reviews, tips and techniques for creating the best model railway layouts.
For those building a new layout, or following along with our project to build a comparable layout but without the magazine, these are the eight must-have railway buildings to add to the track plan.
Some of these (Station, Signal Box and Engine Shed) can be bought as card kits, while there are Skaledale (Hornby) equivalents for all of the buildings, and Peco branded lineside accessories for the rest. For people looking at the headline costs, we estimate about 74 GBP for kit based models, and 140 GBP for ready to plant versions.
Metcalfe make a number of card kits that could be used for the station, but the Hornby ready to plant equivalents cost about the same, so might be a good option.
For the engine shed, the Metcalfe kit is a double-track one, so instead we suggest the Superquick card model instead. To go with these buildings, there are a number of lineside accessories that are needed to build out the layout. The basic signal from Hornby (R171) is a cheap option, but Dapol also produce a range of electro-mechanical signals that look more realistic and work well, but are considerably more expensive. Ready to plant coal staithes from Hornby represent great value, but Ratio produce a kit that is both cheaper, and easier to customise. Sadly, Hornby don’t produce a single track level crossing, and the Peco and Dapol ones are both kits that cost about the same amount. Finally, the tunnel portals come in both a card version, from Metcalfe, and ready to plant from Hornby.
Your Model Railway Magazine costs 8.95 GBP an issue after the promotional issues (the first 5 are considerably cheaper). Add to that the track, rolling stock, and everything that you need to build and decorate the layout, and it begins to look somewhat reasonable.
For anyone building Your Model Railway Village, or a layout inspired by this series, the above gives a great alternative list of good quality buildings to get you started! I wanted it to be busy but not overcrowded, so I tried to give enough space for different parts of the layout, ie: quarry, farm, station and manor house. There’s still more to do, but there always is when you build something like this, you always find that little bit that’s missing. If starting again for grandkids, I’d suggest keeping it simple, robust, and with scope for development or related play round the tracks. Well Done Lawrence, Very beautifull detailed work , Very impressive for its size my friend, A lot of work in such a short period of time, I only hope my sons and mine come up to that or very near standard….
HO comes just before OO gauge, I do know that OO gauge = 16mm to the foot when building to true scale and im not certain but HO comes in at 14mm to the foot…. I have 2 4by8 sheets of plywood in a 90 degree angle and run a027 scale i bin working on it with my 7 year old grandson but a long way from your setup my imagination are not that great. Been working feverishly in my garage stacking and piling stuff so I can start to assemble many boxes of HO I’ve collected over the years. A green and yellow liveried old British diesel electric model railway locomotive parked next to a steam engine and pumping station.
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4468 Mallard, an A4 Class Pacific steam locomotive, broke the world land speed record for steam locomotives on July 3rd, 1938, reaching 125.88 miles per hour between Little Bytham and Essendine in Lincolnshire, east England.
They were streamlined on the outside, making them look extremely cool as well as improving their aerodynamics and moving the smoke upwards so it would no longer obscure the engineer’s view. The A4s starred in several movies, appeared in books and were favorite subjects for model trains. For a few years they were cannibalized for parts for the engines that were still running, then were left derelict in depots. Dominion of Canada was donated to the Canadian Railroad Historical Association and was shipped to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1966. When the last two were sent abroad, it was a huge endeavor and they were expected to remain there until the end of days.
It took a team of heavy haulage specialists and Canadian National employees 10 hours just to move Dwight D.
Eisenhower will be trucked to the museum in York where it will be repainted in its current British Railway green livery in the museum workshop. Right now, the six A4s are scheduled to be on display together in July 2013 at York, then again at Shildon in early 2014. She really gets going around the 4:15 mark and you can hear her adorable soprano toot-toot! The exhibitions include a OO gauge Main Layout and has over 30 trains traveling through varied landscapes including town, country, seaside and even an Alpine Winter scene.
On the other hand, the Metcalfe signal box is about half the price of the Hornby equivalent, so it really depends on the look that you are going for; red brick vs. Hornby also make a good ready made engine shed which looks almost like the one sold as part of the Your Model Railway Village magazine collection. Hornby make a ready to plant footbridge which may be more than double the cost, but would be a great addition to the layout. The Peco models are more realistic, and therefore more expensive, but Hornby supply a cheaper possibility.
Surprisingly, the Hornby ones are cheaper, but we prefer the look of the Metcalfe tunnel portals, and being made from card they are also easier to customise (i.e.
However, it is arguable that the quality of the Hornby, Metcalfe, Dapol and Peco equivalents will look better. I started to build it for my grandson last summer, but I’m afraid I got carried away a little bit.
It’s supposed to be because OO is old enough that the bodywork had to be large enough to accommodate the early electric motors.
The 6×4 did end up getting a lot of use though – he and his friends later took up serious wargaming thanks to Games Workshop, and the layout was a constant battleground for orcs and wargs and Lord knows what else! I , must ask how old is your grandson as I would like to build one for my grandson, however, at 4 years old everything he touches he breaks. What a waste of time after seeing what you have done, I’ve had enough space for months now! Using simple and uncomplicated products show what can be achieved within a relatively small time period. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
This was a great point of national pride for Britain since the previous record of 124.5 miles per hour had been set by a German DRG Class locomotive on the Berlin–Hamburg line in 1936.
They were also streamlined on the inside, making their steam circuits far more efficient than their predecessor models and reducing their fuel intake. The 35 A4 locomotives built remained in use on the East Coast Main Line route in England until the early 1960s.
It is on static display at Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum, in Saint-Constant, a suburb of Montreal.

The National Railway Museum wanted to do something extra special for the 75th anniversary in 2013, so in 2011 they negotiated a two-year loan of the North American engines. You can see Dominion of Canada unloaded from the container ship at the Liverpool dock in this video. Union of South Africa will be joining them the weekend of October 19-21, and that weekend there will be a special event held where enthusiasts will be able to photograph the three A4s together. Stick around to the 5:00 mark to see the prodigious quantities of steam Mallard can produce. The 'Junior Junction' childrens railway features Hornby Thomas The Tank engine characters and a model circus. These are imitation rail built buffer stops, but a particular favorite alternative is the sleeper build ST-8 from Peco. That sounds like a lot, but we also estimate that, to use ready to plant equivalents for all the buildings would cost around 300 GBP. The detail of the moss on the rocks, smoke from the engines, mud on the trucks and the puddles at the farm gates is outstanding, you should be proud. With tensions between Britain and Nazi Germany escalating in the lead-up to war, Mallard, built at London and North Eastern Railway’s Doncaster Works in March of 1938, was chosen to defeat the Germans on the railway battlefield.
Mallard had an additional improvement, a double chimney and double blastpipe which boosted the engine’s exhaust flow when it was running at high speeds.
Then they had to put together a custom loading ramp, weld wheel chocks onto a transporter wagon and load the locomotive so it could be brought 1800 miles to Halifax via rail. From Liverpool they were trucked to the National Railway Museum in Shildon where they are being examined by conservators. Dominion of Canada will remain in the Shildon workshop where it will be converted to its 1937 form (single chimney with Canadian bell and chime whistle) and painted the gloriously rich Garter Blue color of the London and North Eastern Railway livery, the same color as Mallard which is herself getting a new coat of paint to look her best. The museum also has an outstanding blog that any train lover and even general vintage travel enthusiasts will enjoy. It’s clear why the issue of steam staying low and causing poor visibility for the driver was so significant. The tunnel and rocks are made of insulating foam which I found to be great to work with and when painted looks very realistic.
Only if you see it for real you can then appreciate the level of detail is unlike anything you’ve EVER seen. After Mallard’s great success, the remaining A4 trains built also had the double chimney and double blastpipe, and the older ones were retrofitted with them in the 1950s.
After that, they were all retired, replaced by faster but nowhere near as sexy Deltic Class 55 diesel engines.
Mallard was restored to operational fitness and did some runs from 1986 to 1988, but she’s been on static display ever since at the National Railway Museum in York. Eisenhower (originally named Golden Shuttle but rechristened in honor of the General in 1946) was shipped to New York in 1964 and became part of the collection of the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
They’ll be receiving a cosmetic restoration so that they will be as glossy and pretty as their sisters for the 2013 celebration.
Eisenhower arrived in Halifax (watch video of the excruciatingly slow unloading process here). To keep me in check, I have a 10 year old granddaughter whose vision on life keeps me young. The same transporter wagon and loading ramp were then sent to Montreal to pick up Dominion of Canada and carry her the 775 miles to Halifax so both trains could be shipped to Liverpool at the same time on an Atlantic Container Line oversize cargo vessel.

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