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Just as an example, I am currently scratch building a curved bridge using Plastruct and Evergreen preformed bulk pieces, a few Model Power steel bridges, and a sheet of brass screen I sourced from my local sewing supply store. In order to make the side support for the bridge I needed to kit bash the Model Power bridge sections together along with a few small pieces of styrene. So for my money I actually got my custom bridge, two small vehicle bridges, and I have plenty of supplies for many other projects. Those vehicle bridges are fantastic and the weathering is authentic, very nice work and thanks for sharing. Incidentally, the bus wire on my layout is actually adhesive copper tape which I had left over from making stained glass light catchers and lampshades. One good way of making your asphalt roads look authentic is after your paint them black and they are dry, lightly sandpaper the road lanes and traffic areas.
A model train tip that will save a lot of frustration: Leave room around your baseboard so you can reach track and rolling stock on top and wiring underneath. Although not all vermiculite contains asbestos, some products were made with vermiculite that contained asbestos until the early 1990s.[4] Vermiculite mines throughout the world are now regularly tested for it and are supposed to sell products that contain no asbestos. I buy my eggs in lots of 18 at a time and they are generally set in a compressed form of dried, cardboard mulch.
I see good value in Toni’s tip for recycling paper egg cartons because the technique lends itself to a randomness in the final texture. A compact modern image layout based on a design from the Peco publication “60 Plans for small layouts. Built for my son, as a Christmas present in 2004 the layout shows what can be achieved in a relatively small space using readily available commercial off the shelf items. Based on current day rail practice in the North East of England you will see examples of modern freight and passenger train services. News The next outing for Alwinton will be to Newcastle & District Exhibtion at Gateshead Stadium on 14th and 15th November.
The problem with these is the rail pickup is only on the front two wheels hence stalling on points and crossovers. By unsoldering the wires from the pickups to the motor and replacing them with thin solid brass rod, additional thin flexible copper or brass strips can be soldered to pickup on the rear wheels. I built an “OS” gauge track and can run both S and O gauge on the same track with the same transformer. Also built my own cross overs and dedicated Ys I can use an S engine to pull O cars and visa versa with a modified adapter. I do love the way you folk come up with these ideas and solutions – please do keep ’em coming! I am an n scaler and to mount the tiny n scale people I first super glue them to a small piece of clear plastic. I find that if small model people or animals are being placed on foam or a soft surface then one trick is to drill (with a very small drill) a hole up into one or both feet and glue a piece of thin wire into the hole, leaving about 7 or 8 mm showing. Try fixing tiny N gauge people in place, my only tip is using a touch of super glue on their feet, keeps them where you place them. In reference to keeping the small HO people standing up is to cut clear plastic (like clear plastic packaging from products bought at the stores) into small platforms just enough to glue their feet onto.

I have found that a failry generouse spot of superglue on each foot is all that is needed and then hold firmly in place.
Hi this is what I do and it works real well, I use small amount of finger wax, the stuff cashiers use to count paper bills etc, you can place the figures a new here and are easy to move when needed. I ran across a similar situation when I wanted to add a scale Nativity scene to the front of the church on my Christmas layout. I really have nothing to add but want to thank everybody for the great tips some of which are new to me and of great help with mounting my figures. I have a similair problem, but with a hornby 0-4-0, it loves stalling on an Atlas crossover. There another loco shunts the wagons over the crossover, then the little loco shunts the wagons to their final destination.
I use my best set of tweezers and regular plastic cement which works on rough surfaces better. You could probably try double decking with suitable landscaping – hilly terrain, etc.
Realize that the miniature can be glued to the layout table, but why struggle to move it someday? I am not sure if you can get these items over there but here we have what is called pringles they are like a chip but better and they come in a round can and my young son and I came up with the idea of using the can as our tunnel they are just the perfect size for the H O scale train to fit through.
Just a thought – which may be old hat to some but I have never come across it in anywhere.
Pringle’s canisters make well proportioned silos for and industrial set-up for grain. Hi Peter at a glance i woud say that you may ned an ambo for the parking lot attendant looks like he got bold over lol (third pic parking lot) very good. N scale Fox valley model of the AC4400 and kato, Atlas or athearn version eg which one of these models would win for detail and smooth running. For freight stock, been looking st BLMA, Fox valley, kato or atlas, impression of detail, anything like there HO cousins? Lastly, Coaches, are the kato coaches currently in production where as detailed as there HO cousins from kato or walthers streamliners that are currently in production.
I do not think it was the sherry Dave had, I think he may be on something else, I would question what he puts in his Pipe??????
So, this is what came out of the left over Model Power bridge pieces and a piece of leftover sheet styrene. The younger modeller’s who probably have less money should take note that you can make models that look good from left over bits. Add in a few patched potholes and then rough up the edges a bit to keep them from being perfectly straight. The former vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana, did have tremolite asbestos as well as winchite and richterite (both fibrous amphiboles) — in fact, it was formed underground through essentially the same geologic processes as the contaminants. Impure vermiculite may contain, apart from asbestos, also minor diopside or remnants of the precursor minerals biotite or phlogopite.
It would seem that plastic egg cartons could be used also, perhaps as filler or even as part of a mold underneath the paper.

A fiddle yard at the rear serves the double track main line with operating interest given by various industries including an oil terminal, cement works ,scrapyard and Motive Power Depot.
Eckon colour light signals on the main line are controlled by the Infra Red IRDOT system, so watch for the trains to automatically change the signals as they run on the main line. It allows me to park cars for simulated loading and unloading next to buildings and .hoppers with out the space between tracks. The feet on the people are so small, I have no idea how to keep them standing up (such as construction workers on a street or train station people waiting on the platform.) How Woodland (and other companies) can call these HO scale (clearly marked on the package and bought from E-bay or Amazon) is beyond me.
Is to use clear plastic (the type used in windows of boxes for plastic kits) paper hole punch disks out.
Had found plans for one in Model Railroader and i built it 2 levels with a 6 turn helix to get up and down . My advice is dont be afraid to redue what you dont like .enjoyment is the name of the game in model railroading . I am now on my third small layout and having struggled to remove the track from the previous one this tip does seem to answer all the points (or as they say today) Ticks all the bocxes . They can be used like an artist’s pallet, to mix paints or washes in when you are creating your back drops or scenery.
All the rocks are natural, and the bridges are all hand built using 2 sizes of match sticks. I recently designed a new baseboard and discovered that I would not be able to reach the wiring. A single track branchline from the junction leads up to a station and Royal Mail parcels depot. With my poor vision, I wish that I could do quarter to half as good as you, when I get to start creating my layout. Or they can be used when creating trees by using the large section to hold your primary colored flocking material while the other two smaller sections can hold your highlighting colors. All you have to do then is PVA glue the people to the foam this stops the contact adhesive from melting the foam.
The good thing with blue tac is they are easily removed if you want to change the scene without destroying the foam bed or item. Then hole punch in different piles and with tweezers and superglue put them on the little disc. Starting my layout today, will send pictures, I have already had the students at my school make the board and desk to hide the layout i’ll send photographs next week your work is going to be very difficult to equal. Would you consider producing a ‘How-To-Video’ of how you do your video production? Also WD-40 will keep your fingers clean by putting it on a cloth or old sock and wipe your soiled areas clean.

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