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Western Pacific Headlight , Wp Historical Magazine - 4 Issues Railfan & Railroad Magazine Jan.
All trademarks and copyrighted material within these web pages, remain the property of their respective holders. Closed on Thursday, November 26, 2015, Thursday, December 24, 2015, Friday, December 25, 2015and Friday, January 1, 2016. Keywords: Projects, Coffee, Table, Model, Railway, T, Gauge, Rolling, Stock, P1010937, T, Gauge, vs, N, Gauge. In November Vivarail acquired 150 driving motor cars and about 300 vehicles of ex-District Line stock with plans to form 75 units of two, three or potentially four-car trains. The spokesperson also confirmed there had been expressions of interest from TOCs regarding the scheme but would not go into further detail.
Vivarail, created in 2012 specifically to produce the D-Train concept, is led by a team with a huge amount of rail experience under their belts, headed up by former Chiltern Railways chair Adrian Shooter. Rumours regarding the potential replacement of Pacers by old LU stock have been swirling for several weeks, with rail union RMT expressing outrage at the idea. RTM has reported extensively on the delays affecting key electrification schemes at the moment, and the concerns that there is a lack of suitable value-for-money diesel stock as a contingency and for non-electrified routes. I think Mick Cash should keep his mouth shut until he can actually see one of the converted trial vehicles.
If LT D78 stock is so good why was it taken out of service for Londoners in the first place!.
How do you really justify changing a four rail electric commuter vehicle into a diesel unit and altering almost everything in it. Surely it must be more cost efficient to start with a new build with the right equipment added at the start for the job it is required to do.

I believe there are several reasons TfL wanter to replace the D78 stock, despite a major refurbishment being completed around 2008. The D78 bodyshells can be pretty much considered as new as aluminium is corrosion free, and they have real bogies unlike the Pacer bus frame on wagon wheels. As long FGW doesn't try using them on a route like Bristol to Penzance I don't see a problem if this gets rid of Pacers. The Pacers were built to allow branch lines to survive in the 1980s, taken from the Leyland National 2 bus and they have done very well, but now time expired - but they kept lines open that footfall would have shut.
Electrifying more track for 3rd rail DC is a non-starter because it's expensive to build and inefficient in use; NetRail has declared its wish to convert all SE England mainline DC to overhead AC. London ug lines are seriously overcrowded so new trains there are needed with increased capacity. I suggest Mick Cash goes on holiday to Switzerland where he will find trains that can be up to 60 years old in service primarily because they are electric and not diesel trains which have a shorter life than electric ones. When this idea was first mentioned it was thought to be a late April fools joke but conversion of D78 to 278 trains is at least being trialled ! The fact is TFL maintain their stock to high standards and as has been mentioned parts of these trains are only a few years old. Unlike Metropolitan Line A stock which was 60"years old D78s did not need replacing but former Mayor Ken Livingstone saw the sense in making all SSL lines use the same train type with the only difference being an extra carriage on the Metropolitan Line trains. In fact conversion of these trains to DEMUs should include provision for these trains to also work as electric trains and therefore as electrification spreads these trains could run as electric trains as well,as diesel trains something the some of the new IC trains being built by hitachi will be able to do. Finally, if the North wants new trains then they are going to have to pay fares more in line with what Londoners pay and deal with fare evasion with the first priority being to allow conductors on trains to collect fares and not keep having to open and close doors something that is proposed for these trains !
Of course if northerners want new trains then their councils can always buy them just like the Mayor of London through TFL buys new trains !

When ex-LU trains were transferred to the Isle of Wight in 1967, it proved to be a costly mistake because the height of the station platforms was wrong, and all the platforms had to be rebuilt.
The D stock body has been raised 73mm to comply with Network Rail standard platform height, Vivarail have said.
Sally Buttifant, Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership Officer, explains how a Women in Community Rail group could be a positive way of promoting community rail, sharing good practice and reaching out to young people.
If this is a railroad item, this material is obsolete and no longer in use by the railroad.
DMW, the creator and maintainer of these web pages, assumes that all contributions are made free of charge. But its website makes a point of mentioning that the new train meets all the regulations on disability access – a key flaw of the Pacers, which would need an expensive overhaul before the regulations become mandatory in 2020. The bodyshells and bogies from surplus London Underground District Line trains are combined with new diesel engines and modern control systems to create DMUs. A railway in Wales uses frames built in the 1880s for the Manx Northern Railway - after two or three rebuilds they still meet modern requirements.
I don't recall him saying anything about it when they were in daily use on the District Line for over 30 years. Two- and three-car units can be supplied, with interior layouts configured for City, Commuter or Country rail services.
Wheelchair access although important, is only one of the reasons why they should all be withdrawn and scrapped!

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