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The TrainCellar paint department has several custom locomotive projects with work in progress. An HO Scale Van hobbies Brass CNR 0-6-0 SoundTraxx Tsunami system installed for a customer. This conversion kit allows for different versions of the flared radiator the SD70M models owned by Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific.
This is the ICG Vert-A-Pac auto carrier a very nice model that just required new couplers, trainline air hoses, and some uncoupling levers before weathering it up. When autoracks as we know them, on 85 or 89 ft flatcars came into general service, they could pack eighteen cars onto a normal tri-level autorack. ExactRail has certainly given us some very nice cars these past few years and the Vert-A-Pac was certainly one of their more ambitious efforts! I started by removing the visible mold seams from some areas it stuck out like here on the brake cylinder.
I decided to replace the kit couplers with a set of long shank Kadee 158 scale head couplers. I washed up the airbrush and then replaced the engine black with Model Master dark skintone. Das Lieferdatum a€“ wird in einem neuen Fenster oder Reiter geA¶ffnet bezieht sich auf einen Zahlungseingang (z.B.
Dieser Artikel wird A?ber das Programm zum weltweiten Versand verschickt und mit einer internationalen Sendungsnummer versehen.
Durch Klicken auf Gebot bestA¤tigen verpflichten Sie sich diesen Artikel zu kaufen, sofern Sie HA¶chstbietender sind. Der Betrag, den Sie eingeben, muss mindestens so hoch wie das erforderliche Mindestgebot sein. Durch Klicken auf 1-Klick-Gebot verpflichten Sie sich, diesen Artikel zu kaufen, wenn Sie HA¶chstbietender sind. Looking For Pre-Printed & Laser Cut Kits?Free UK P&P on all pre-printed & laser cut versions of our kits & texture papers in our new shop. My layout is themed in the mid-lates 1970's Southern Ontario so I doubt this car would have been seen here. While that is a lot of vehicles, it still doesna€™t come close to the maximum laden weight for the car.
When they announced they were not going to be using dealers anymore but going direct order, my local Train Shop had a huge sale on all of their ExactRail stock. You can see on the SP prototype on the right, that the coupler does stick out a bit further than the supplied one does. While not quite attached to the coupler the same as the prototype, they do add to the look of the car and compliment the other nice standoff details like the crossover platform and ladders.

One thing you should do here is to file a small groove into the carbody to the right of the coupler so the airhose will sit at the right height and not foul any turnouts or crossings.
Mostly because I enjoy building and painting a car from the ground up but also I find that many cars have really nice, crisp molding details that get somewhat obscured by heavy factory painting. Once it had dried, I gave the car an overall dirty black wash to deepen the crevices and bring out the detail more. I didna€™t lighten the base ICG orange up as I would have normally done with a light spray of Model Master gull grey but with the weathering process seems to have toned the colour down just nicely. Wenn Sie auf Gebot bestA¤tigen klicken und HA¶chstbietender sind, gehen Sie einen rechtsverbindlichen Vertrag mit dem VerkA¤ufer ein.
So much so, that if you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase you can obtain a full refund within 7 days of your original purchase, no questions asked! The side structures could be used without the base to model a road bridge wider than the single track railway or a double track railway bridge. When Chevrolet introduced the Vega in 1970, they were intent on keeping the cost of the vehicle as low as possible and endeavoured to find as many ways to do this as they could. I headed straight for the Vert-A-Pacs with the sole intention of getting an Illinois Central Gulf one, which I did for Eighteen dollars! I always find this worth doing if needed because the more you weather the car, especially if you are using an airbrush, the seam becomes more and more noticeable. One other bonus here is that this car is already good on tight radius curves and when you add the long shank coupler, it gets even better. Normally at this point, I would detail out the brake gear underneath the car if, like this one, it is not included. I am currently working on two 86ft auto parts boxcars which are the older Athearn ones from the 1970a€™s and once I stripped the factory applied Union Pacific and Chesapeake and Ohio livery on both cars, I was very impressed with the nice sharp molding on them. I started the weathering from the top down by spraying black along the top to simulate sooty diesel exhaust staining.
I thin it right down and give the underbody a nice heavy coat and bring it up the lower sills of the car going a little heavier near the trucks.
I know it does seem a bit of a pain to change three very similar colours while working on the car but the subtle change from the sooty NATO black, to the greasy looking engine black, down to the dark skintone road grime do stand out from one another once airbrushed onto the car and are well worth the effort. The build date on this model is May of 1972 and with Chevy Vega production ending in 1977, this car would have had, at best, five years on the rails before the Vert-A-Pac carbody was removed from the flatcar it rode on and scrapped out so I tried to temper the weathering to match that.
It calculates the percentage you need to enter into your printer settings when you print the kit. This means you can order just one item from us. TELEPHONE Vs COMPUTER ORDERS You can place your order via this website, by post or by phone.
One of the ways was to cut down the cost of transportation of new Vegas to their respective dealers.

You could also paint the cylinder a different colour at this point too and make it look like a newer replacement part for some additional interest. On this car however, there are two very large beams running opposite one another down the length of the car and the brake gear is mostly contained between them. With this car, as with other newer cars on the market now, the paint is really nice so it was just some weathering needed. I think the car would have had to see a bit more action before any rusting issues would have begun to show.
Die tatsA¤chliche Versandzeit kann in EinzelfA¤llen, insbesondere zu Spitzenzeiten, abweichen. You can also ring in the evenings or weekends - just ask for Mel who is a railway enthusiast and modeller. We offer our customers a personal service where advice and help count as much as much as sales. While a photo of a prototype ICG Vert-A-Pac has eluded me so far, I did know that Illinois Central was only one of three roads that had painted the flatcars and marked them in home road colours (Southern Pacific and Southern being the other two). Before I followed up with the dark skintone overspray, I hand painted the bearing adapters red as some occasionally are for a bit of interest. After taking the car out of the box, I figured Ia€™d just do a few little things to get her into shape before weathering.
I then used the airbrush again while I had the NATO black in and sprayed down the sides of the car between where the doors would open and along the corners and top middle of the carbody.
I switched the black now from NATO black, to Polly S engine black and focused the pattern down as fine as I could and sprayed each door hinge. That is a lot of research, tooling, and time to produce a car that really only has a narrow window of operation in terms of layout timeframes. They were then tipped up and the ramps locked so they were carried standing up, hood down thus going from eighteen cars to thirty being shipped. I would imagine that these were regularly greased and would have probably shown up quite prominently against the bright ICG orange of the car.
While the Vega proved a good seller when it was introduced, they didna€™t last out the decade and when sales finally dried up, the Vert-A-Pacs were of no use anymore and scrapped.
My layout is set in the mid-late 1970a€™s In Southern Ontario where no Vegas were produced.

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