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A simple effective way to demonstrate railroad freight transportation at public exhibits and museum displays.
On the oval to the right, the blue train takes gondolas loaded with steel coils to the stamping plant, while the red train returns similar empty gondolas back to the steel mill.
Spring switches - a spring lightly holds the points to one side, so a train entering the switch always takes that route. Twin-coil snap switch machines - Relay3 not required, but does require an MRD2 turnout controller in addition to the MRD2 loop controller. To run two trains in the same direction around a single loop, see the previous page (no track switches needed). I've just moved in to my new house and am trying to determine the best use of the basement area for my railroad. Based on Sanborn maps, photos from the local historical society, Milwaukee Road track diagrams, and a Milwaukee Road shippers guide, I was able to choose the area to model and design it with a track plan that is fairly close to the prototype.
Watertown will have few industries, but will mainly be yard operations and engine facilities.
My initial design of the layout is a dogbone with 3 - 5 staging tracks in the ends of the bone. I envision through traffic (passenger & freight) that will go directly from Milwaukee to St.

I think I have covered all the bases to give you all an idea of what I am trying to do and some of the challenges that I have.
How tall is the crawlspace? Is it 'finished' in the sense that it has drywall or finished walls and a (concrete or other) floor?
The issue with height is that you're going to have to access the trains in there sometimes - and have to build the trackwork in there as well.
After spending some more time in the basement, I agree that using as much of the crawlspace as I was planning is not a good idea. The goal for this area is to have an area that is fun to operate while I continue to build the rest of the layout. I am taking next week off work and so I plan to finally get around to laying my track and wiring my layout. Also, I am using Walthers Code 83 turnouts and Fast Tracks Bullfrog manual switch machines. Any other advice you can offer that might save me a few hours of frustration would also be appreciated. The red train, consisting of similar but empty hopper cars, then makes a clockwise circuit around the loop. When the train 1 has entered its siding and trips its detector, the controller turns off Relay2, waits 5 seconds, then turns on Relay1.

But the spring is light enough that a train exiting the other siding can push the points aside and not derail. Paul, local passenger traffic that will originate in Milwaukee and terminate in Watertown then turn and return to Milwaukee, freight traffic to stop in Watertown and drop cars and pick up cars bound for St. In the diagram below, when Relay1 is 'on' and Relay2 is 'off,' the inside rail is positive and trains will travel clockwise. One relay will turn on if a train passes the detectors heading one direction, and the other relay will come on if a train goes by in the opposite direction.
Our members are all members of the National Model Railroad Association as well as volunteers for the Colorado Railroad Museum. If Relay1 is 'off' and Relay2 is 'on,' the outside rail is positive and trains will run counter-clockwise. When train 2 returns to its siding and trips its detector, the controller turns off Relay1, waits 5 seconds, then turns on Relay2.

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