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The railroad exists to move silver and gold ore from the mines at Thunder Mesa and Calico to the wider world beyond the layout.
I've been a lurker over at Railroad Line for a long time and the Thunder Mesa RR is one of the few layouts I eagerly anticipate progress reports on. There's a big new post today on the Thunder Mesa website bringing things up to date with the expansion progress and a redesign for the town of Thunder Mesa. Yes, old western towns most often had false front buildings facing each other across the street.
The LDSIG Annual Meeting and Convention is usually held at the same time and in coordination with the National Model Railroad Association annual convention. Jim Hertzog's well known Reading Lines layout features the Anthracite coal region of eastern Pennsylvania during the steam to diesel transition era. Joe Lofland's Erie -Lackawanna railroad focuses on the Lackawanna side of the lines from Stroudsburg to Binghamton.
Jim Dalberg's prototype based layout is set in the transition era, and follows the Lehigh Valley and CNJ between Jersey City and Pittston. Gale Smith's Lehigh Valley railroad occupies a 21' X 25' room with an around the room, double deck linear design.
Paul Backenstose has recently completed the change of his PRR based layout to the Western Maryland. Ken McCorry is the host for our picnic this year, and his large layout, housed in its own separate building, will be open for you to visit. In addition, Brian Good from our layout design challenge will have his basement space and collection of research materials open for you to look at. Information on the NMRA Convention, The Great Lakes Express, is available by clicking here. Layout Design Advice – (Mackinac East Room) The Layout Design SIG offers a free design consultation service. The Danforth Hadley & Northern is a 30' x 60' point to point railroad with two large yards and a large engine facility, featuring long runs through beautiful scenery between 12 cities on a 400' main line. The CRRR is an independent line running from Anacortes, WA on Puget Sound and up the Skagit Valley to the Diablo dam construction site. Prototypical representation of BC&G coal-hauling 19 mile line through WV mountains, including all four towns serviced by the prototype.
Railroad is essentially the Ma & Pa moved from the east side of Pennsylvania to western Pennsylvania.
The NYC Ypsilanti (MI) branch is a loose copy of an agricultural line which emphasizes switching, with 2 man crews assigned to locals.
We are modeling the Grand Trunk Western, Holly Subdivision from Milwaukee Junction (Downtown Detroit) to the city of Durand during the transition period. Layout Design Advice – The Layout Design SIG offers a free design consultation service.
Layout Design Clinic Track – Tuesday, July 15, A series of clinics will be presented focusing on layout design.
The clinics will give real examples of design challenges and solutions to assist you in designing your dream layout.
An interesting phenomenon occurs in Southern California along with other areas of the west.
The following descriptions and photos will orient the visitors to the layouts on the tours.
Mike Kresen’s HO scale Connequenessing Line, is a freelanced layout depicting an area in western Pennsylvania in the early 1950's. Mark Lestico’s N scale UP Cascade Subdivision is built in the typical Southern California garage. Ralph Hougesen’s HO scale Amargosa Railroad is a freelanced railroad set in the post war through mid nineteen fifties era in the desert east of Death Valley between Beatty and Goldfield Nevada with connections and interchange with the SP, the UP and Santa Fe.
Mike O’Brien is still in the planning stages of his layout although some of the benchwork is already built.
Jim Spencer’s HO scale Denver and Rio Grande Western models the Second Division standard gauge over Tennessee Pass and the Third Division narrow gauge over Marshall Pass with Salida as the junction between the two. It is a two deck design with the upper deck housing the standard gauge and dual gauge yards, mostly in place.
Construction of the upper deck is 2" foam-masonite composite panels that are cantilevered from the walls using ordinary threaded plumbing pipes and pipe flanges. Paul Catapano’s HO scale Little Rock Subdivision of the Atlantic Inland Railway is a freelanced eastern railroad set in July of 1952 in western West Virginia.
The layout is largely without scenery although Paul has put in some landforms and many structures or signs to designate specific industries.
Lee Christopher’s HO scale McCloud Railway represents a circa 1997 short line handling lumber, paper and mining products. Frank Kenny’s N scale Central Pacific Railway is a two-car garage and 1 bedroom layout. Thursday 8 - 12 HO Santa Susana Railroad Historical Society Santa Susana Pacific Scenery 90% 25x54 Easy Access Theme: So. Santa Susana Railroad Historical Society’s HO scale Santa Susana Pacific is located in the freight room of the historic Southern Pacific Santa Susana Depot, built in 1903 and recently renovated.
Bruce Morden’s HO scale Southern Pacific Santa Barbara Subdivision is another 2-car garage. This tour will be very informal but we have several outstanding opportunities for layout visits on Saturday. Jay Styron’s HO-scale SP Friant Branch layout (12' x 32') is housed in a fully finished room built under his house for the railroad. The La Mesa Model Railroad Club’s Tehachapi Pass layout is one of the largest model railroads in the world. Bruce Morden is our LDSIG local convention coordinator for Anaheim, and he is actively looking for layouts to add to our tour.
Anaheim is 27 miles southeast from downtown Los Angeles, about a 40 minute drive of so depending upon traffic.
If you have questions or would like to get involved, please contact the LDSIG local convention coordinator, Jeff Zeleny. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I've been doodling some new plans and they all involve evicting my poor, dust-gathering N scale layout from its current spot in the corner.
This plan fixes several other problems as well by widening the center aisle and eliminating some hidden track. Jeff, the N scale layout is in limbo at this point since I'll be expanding the On30 line into the space it currently occupies. In this case, that would mean the front row of buildings would be turned around and their rears would be facing the track and the aisle.
If you are involved with planning such an event, please consider adding your event to our LDSIG Local Events section. The layouts selected for the tours show many state of the art techniques, plus some adaptations of older designs to modern thinking.
All trains are based on real life operating patterns, and the industries modeled are all based on actual locations along the line and include automobile manufacturing and distribution, plus many other industries.
The layout has a double tracked main line around the room, with the Bangor& Portland branch on a peninsula down the middle. Winfield Gross' Pennsylvania theme railroad is a classic island style railroad with a number of new design ideas added in recent years. Included on this multi deck railroad are the Boston & Maine, Canadian Pacific, and the Maine Central. Operations feature passenger trains, symbol freights, and locals over a 4-track main line. Trains run under the control of the Dispatcher, and include passenger and through freights with numerous locals.
This double, and at points triple deck layout places towns in correct order and includes numerous interchanges with many other lines. The original design was based on John Armstrong's PRR Schuylkill Division plan, to which three staging yards were added. Ken's railroad models the ex PRR Buffalo line from Rockville tower near Harrisburg to the Ebenezer yard terminal in Buffalo NY.
With a list of layouts like this, there are sure to be many ideas you can glean for use on your layout! Members’ informative displays include trackplan diagrams, layout photographs and 3d mock-ups, and priority lists of design features to help others learn how others have solved layout design problems.
Pete Forbes will host an open house Sunday, July 22, for LDSIG and OPSIG members driving to the Detroit NMRA Convention via Toledo, Ohio. Begin your convention by meeting other attendees who are especially interested in layout design. Our annual membership meeting agenda includes bylaws amendments, voting for a director, and officer and volunteer reports.
A highly-regarded self-guided tour and picnic by carpool or rental car (no transportation provided). Mike Burgett's fully signalled C&O layout will be open for modelers specifically interested in signal systems. The historical aspect as well as the operational aspect is my main focus in the construction of this layout. Based on the Northern Pacific Montana Division operating between Huntley and Garrison, MT, it shares tracks with its parent NP and an occasional GN train. The setting is just pre-WWII -- around spring of 1940 plus or minus one year -- at a time when many of the products of the Valley were in greatly increasing demand in the lead up to the war.
It is set in the 1930’s and starts at the wye in Forks Creek travels up the canyon of the Clear Creek to Idaho Springs.
Linear track plan with 100’ mainline on around the wall benchwork with large central peninsula with above-eye-level scenery. It represents a shortline running from Wellsville, Ohio, on the Ohio River northeast to Erie, Pa. Designed with unobstructed access to fit into the typical hotel ballroom at NMRA National Conventions, a unique aspect of the modules is that they are double-sided; doubling the running length and with about one foot of depth to the modeled scene. The modeled portion of the line begins in Mackinaw City on Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, with the crossing of the Straits of St. The railroad is 2 rail O scale and has 3500 lineal feet (32 scale miles) of hand laid standard gauge track with over 100 feet of On3 track under construction. Modeling the Great Northern in Washington, this single-level layout features five major towns each in a separate room.
We are sharing the room with other Special Interest Groups including the Operations Special Interest Group which is planning a full round of operations during the convention.
Members’ informative displays include track plan diagrams, layout photographs and 3-D mock-ups, and priority lists of design features to help others learn how others have solved layout design problems.
Hear informal LDSIG-member introductions about their layout design and construction status, plus timely event announcements and networking opportunities.

In residence buildings there are very few basements and because of the low pitched or flat roofs very few attics. There are a few unusual locations including one outside, one in a purpose built basement, two in a space dug out under the residence specifically for the model railroad and three clubs in larger spaces. We have lined up about thirteen innovative home and club layouts which will be open for you to choose from. The railroads represented on the layout include Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific. The N-Scale Cascade Subdivision is an operations focused re-creation of the beautiful Cascade crossing between Eugene and Klamath Falls, Oregon.
The railroad scenery is about 85% complete and has 95’ of mainline with double ended staging supporting a total of 17 trains run in a 3-4 hour session. Industries modeled are mining and support for the mining community with plenty of traffic to keep the railroad busy. Come visit the LDSIG’s president and offer him some design advice in one of the few basements you will see in Southern California.
Started in 1952, this collection of prototype rolling stock includes 16 locomotives, 19 freight and passenger cars an several trolleys and motor cars.
The fully sceniced railroad measures 18 X 20 feet overall and is housed in a finished two car garage. This railroad is set in California and reflects the areas from Mojave to Fresno, including the Tehachapi loop area.
The one thousand square foot layout utilizes Digitrax to control the trains, and the club in the midst of installing a DCC controlled signaling system.
Less detailed operating extensions include yards at Cheyenne, Green River, and North Platt. The circa 1950 era allows a mix of steam, first generation diesels and a few second generation diesels. This is Dana's third iteration of the route between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, now a part of the Union Pacific.
Jay Styron's Southern Pacific Friant Branch and Steve Harris' Rio Grande Southern will be open and may be visited on trip to San Diego. Contact Bruce Morden in the SIG room at the convention to make arrangements for a special behind the scenes tour. If you have interest in presenting a clinic, please contact Bruce Morden Please send any suggestions to him. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I'm not done with N scale though and am currently exploring possibilities on where it can be relocated to or modified to fit.
The old portion of the railroad is plain grid bench work with plaster scenery, while the new portions are shelves about 18" wide hung from the walls. The railroad is point to point and there are three staging yards and two helixes scattered throughout the railroad. The current operation reflects the WM from Hagerstown to Cumberland and Connellsville and the Thomas Subdivision. Design-related clinic schedules, descriptions of open-house layouts for the Wednesday tour, carpool signup lists, a local restaurant list, and a roommate-wanted list. Pete is modeling about 4 miles of the urban PRR Phildelphia Terminal District between North Philadelphia and Frankford Junction.
Tickets must be purchased at NMRA tour desk before Monday at 9:00p so we can finalize food order. Making the operator walk away with the feeling that he has spent a day back in time working for the C&O is the objective to this effort. The railroad is steam to diesel transition on code 55 track with hand-laid turnouts and crossings, NCE DCC, a branch line and a separate logging railroad. The CRRR actively interchanges with the GN (at Burlington, WA) and the NP (at Sedro Woolley, WA), as well as with a number of small timber lines along its route. At Idaho Springs the line services passenger station, the Argo Mill and Stanley Mine, a mine supply warehouse, bulk oil, gasoline and coal facility, along with a lumber yard along and other general industrial sites.
The line became a secondary mainline hauling coal from the Charleston, West Virginia area to the Lake Erie port of Sandusky, Ohio, where the B&O actually did have a coal dumper. Standard and narrow gauge trackage (standard gauge mainline and branch trackage completed, narrow gauge mainline trackage to be laid this summer but narrow gauge line will not be operational by convention time).
The layout had its public debut in July 2003 at the Maple Leaf 2003 NMRA National Convention in Toronto.
Ignace modeled with the car ferry Chief Wawatamon a pivot arm crossing an aisle, and stretches to Ishpeming and Marquette in the UP.
The sloping floor of the old movie house allows the layout to be on two floors of the building with over 7 feet of elevation change and scenery topping 8 feet in some locations. NMRA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were invited at Anaheim Special 2008 to share modeling ideas, publications, services and membership information with convention attendees. That leaves spare bedrooms and garages as the most common space for the modeler’s railroad empire. We will resume the tour with the Burbank, and Van Nuys layouts and then head to the South Bay for a few layouts there before heading back to the convention. We want to allow the buses to complete their tours so that we can spend more time appreciating the layouts. Additionally, we have arranged for an informal tour on Saturday of three layouts in San Diego County. The picnic meal (ticket required) will be served at a location approximately halfway through the tour. The benchwork is essentially complete (including an upper deck) but track and scenery on some sections of the layout are still not finished. The 14 X 17 HO layout is in an around the room dog bone configuration with combination of very reliable handlaid code 55 and Atlas code 100 track. The 2000 square foot basement contains an Hon3 DRGW and RGS based layout from the 1920 – 1949 time period. The future narrow gauge will model the run from Salida to Gunnison with branches to Baldwin and the Black Canyon. Linking the two levels is a massive helix that transports the narrow gauge down about 24" to the lower deck. The roadbed is entirely on extruded foam and utilizes Woodland Scenics risers for elevation changes. The upper level is Tennessee Pass (standard and dual gauge) which should at least have a full loop and most of the yards done by July. A Dispatcher is located downstairs, outside the layout room with a local Agent Operator in the layout room receiving and delivering train orders.
While a talented staff maintains steam profitably for main line operations, yard jobs and the secondary mountainous Ore Grande Branch are serviced by Alco diesels acquired from operating partner ATSF. The design of the layout includes careful consideration of aisle space, layout access, storage and lighting. More recently Model Railroader ran an article on one of Steve’s removable hills (Apr 2008).
The club’s layout is part of the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park near downtown San Diego.
Design-related clinic schedules, descriptions of open-house layouts for the Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday tours, carpool signup lists, a local restaurant list, and a roommate-wanted list will be available.
Gadsden Pacific segmentation play caravan Operating Museum in Tucson AZ charitable non profit corporation dedicated to the advancement of mold railroading. The railroad features mostly PRR equipment, with Reading, Jersey Central, Lehigh Valley and Lackawanna interchanges included.
The railroad is a linear walk around design with a dual helix, and includes multiple main lines and branch line operations. The layout is a linear walk around design that is single level and includes three helper districts. The railroad is built around the walls with a center peninsula, with portions multiple decked.
RR requires 3 dispatchers Rockville, Kase and Lyco to handle operations on the 1450' long mainline. A bulletin board will have important updates about LDSIG events -- be sure and check daily for activities and schedules.
The 20x25' HO layout will feature the 4-track main line, signaled interlockings and catenary, industrial branch lines, and a fiddle yard to generate traffic. An entertaining program will begin about 7:00p, featuring an illustrated presentation by Jack Ozanich, the designer of the very innovative and influential Atlantic Great Eastern Railroad.
The CRRR layout is being built to Proto-87 standards; all layouts are custom built and all rolling stock must be modified significantly from typical NMRA standards to run on this track. A 3-dementional mock-up was created to check clearances, and to comprehend the overall look and feel of the layout. The section of line I model is from Kanagua, Ohio, on the north bank of the Ohio River through Athens, Ohio to Zanesville, Ohio.
A 10-track hidden staging yard that pulls out like a drawer when in use, then disappears under a town when not in use.
The upper level of the layout is single track representing the more rural areas with a few switching areas. Sometimes that space has to be shared with other uses – a bed, a desk and storage space in a bedroom or a car, tools and a laundry in a garage.
Jon Cure’s layout is the initial layout tour stop and will allow you plenty of time to see both of his layouts.
One is located in a basement or at least a lower story, one is in an office trailer and there is also a special behind the scenes tour of the La Mesa Club at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. All Digitrax controlled including 31 Tortoise Machine switches controlled through stationary decoders. The tables just to the right of the large shed in the adjacent photo have been reserved for the LDSIG. A direct eastern interchange with the Western Maryland and a southern interchange via a secondary line to CRR, VGN, N&W, and INT provides a high level of interchange bridge traffic. Along with yardmaster, road crew and dedicated switching positions, there is a helper service crew for the grade between decks. Curves are minimum 28” with easements and turnouts are minimum #6, hand laid to fit the track plan.
The railroad runs in an East- West direction from the Great Lakes to the west side of the Continental Divide parallel to other major name railroads and assists those railroads in relieving congestion during times of heavy traffic by issuing trackage rights to those railroads.
The premise is the SP was having financial troubles and needed money, so the CPRX (Central Pacific Railway ) management stepped up and bought the trackage between LA and Sacramento from the SP.
The layout loosely represents Southern Pacific’s coast line in the mid 1950s, and the most featured display is of Simi Valley and its local industries. At the time of the article layout modeled the fictitious Ashlan subdivision of the L&N extending from Dent, KY, to Ashlan, VA interchanging with the Clinchfield. Industries modeled include citrus farms, wineries, fruit packing houses and reefer icing facilities.

Steve has also had articles in the Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette on some of his structures and rolling stock. Calendar of model direct shows dally train shows and model railroad track example Train Shows & Model Railroad Conventions.
You never fuck what will show upward for sale atomic number 85 one of our baseball club meets.
The railroad is operated with car cards and hand written switch lists, and includes passenger and freight traffic.
Traffic includes 5 local drills, two coal mines, and a cement industry, as is typical of the area served by the Lehigh Valley. The time and location for finalizing carpools, organizing car rentals, and distributing maps will be announced on the LDSIG’s Bulletin Board in the Mackinac East Room. In Georgetown the train will stop at the station or drop of loads of coal or lumber or pick up empty cars at Stewart & Wing. Layout is designed for prototypical operation, using car orders based on prototype paperwork.
Note that while the staging yard is complete and operational, the town over it will not be constructed until after the convention, thus the yard’s mechanisms will be fully visible. Double track begins at the upper entrance to the main helix and represent the more industrial areas from Pontiac to Detroit. Sometimes the former occupants never grace the space after the railroad is constructed – child off to college or car sits in the driveway.
It will also allow you to stop for a quick lunch if you desire on the way up to Santa Barbara before the 1PM openings of the layouts there.
We hope you enjoy your visits to these model railroad empires and appreciate the use of the available space and the designs necessary to accommodate the railroad empires in those spaces.
Mike is working on computer control including programming of locos via Decoder Pro software.
Jim has been doing some amazing research into the citrus packing houses of Southern and Central California [1] and has incorporated that research into his model empire.
A 6 hour radio dispatched operating session duplicates all of the prototype traffic found on this line today. The dispatcher, yardmaster, road crews and SP local crew operate the railroad using CVP EasyDCC wireless throttles. Paul built the two story garage with the specific purpose of putting a railroad on the second floor.
The major railroads haul loads destined to locations on the GL&W as well as provide motive power and crews to switch the local industries. Those who are operating layouts in the Santa Barbara area with the OpSIG are encouraged to join the LDSIG tour and join us for dinner. The layout has since expanded considerably and the area now models from Hazard, to Ashlan with interchanges with the Norfolk & Western through Norton, VA, the Kentucky Northern at Harlan Junction, KY and the Chesapeake and Ohio, at Deane, KY and Corbin, KY. Using an original SP timetable from the era, James dispatches trains based on the actual time table of the day using and 8:1 fast clock to cover a 24 hour period in 3 hours with an average of 16-20 trains operating.
Two of the most dramatic things about the route are the mountain scenery and the nearly continuous series of sharp reverse curves forced upon the railroad by the rugged terrain.
The museum includes 2 HO scale layouts, one O scale layout, one N scale layout and one O gauge toy train layout. And clubs if you are interested Hoosier State trains in AZ operating room the unique pastime of exemplary railroading. There is a large staging yard, operational B&O signals using Integrated Signal Systems, and DCC by Digitrax. All of the work on this current version of the railroad was completed in just over a year, and except for extending a branch line, all trackage and much scenery is in place. Philly station platforms, Shore Interlocking, and several overpasses and underpasses have been modeled.
The layout is designed for operation, with considerable staging available for the GN, NP , as well as the logging lines and numerous on-line and off-line industries for switching. The Georgetown Power plant, mining supply warehouse or the Clear Creek Sampler Works are also serviced before heading off to Silver Plume.
Part of the layout is actually double deck, with the mainline climbing a 2% grade to reach the second level. A whistle-stop station and water tank scenery section that flips over (via motor) to become just a section of wilderness. Make the SIG Room your convention headquarters networking opportunities, meeting others for planning, designing, building, and operating considerations intended for your dream layout. Occasionally, the modeler is lucky and is able to construct a purpose built space for their model railroad, but this is the exception and not the rule. The layout integrates 2 working yards, 1 turntable and a reverse loop via a double crossover. Innovations include using a sloping garage floor to your advantage, using narrow benchwork for a long run, Steel boltless shelving for benchwork, domino construction and many other contemporary design concepts. A signature element of the track plan is an actual representation of a long switchback used by the prototype. Traffic that results includes freight from several different roads working the GL&W as well as name passenger trains stopping at the local stations. Trains are run from staging as extra’s and car forwarding is controlled by car cards and waybills.
More recently, the railroad was featured in Rail Model Journal in January and February 2008 and Model Railroad Craftsman in May 2008.
The nearly 300 feet of trail is on exhibit at the Mesa master program library until MESA Grand Canyon State Model train model train shows arizona.
Flirt Trains and Model Railroading in Find Toy Train shows in Grand Canyon State and get email alerts ahead to each one show so you don’t 9 00am to 4 00pm. The DH&N has appeared in several major trade publications including most recently in Scale Rails. The layout should be of particular interest to members of the Layout Design, Operations, and P87 SIGs. After crossing the Devils Gate Bridge the next stop is Silver Plume with its station, team track and coal, lumber and oil facilities. The railroad features 18 double ended staging tracks accommodating trains from 30 to 50 cars in length. There is no helix but the second level is reached through a long grade requiring helper engines on all but the shortest trains. Jobs typically include yard masters, local switching crews, and manifest trains with scheduled work. The Eastern Kentucky Division models an area of coal mines in the Appalachians in eastern Kentucky and western Virginia. Current projects include building switches, installing benchwork, adding details, buildings and scenery, adding to rolling stock and wiring the new railroad for DCC. Nineteen innovative home and club layouts will be open to choose from – expect to see about ten, with up to 200 miles of driving. From Silver Plume it is possible to run continuous through the Alpine Tunnel to Forks Creek.
There is a three track, 72 car capacity stub end staging yard for Cincinnati, and 8 track, 192 car capacity double ended staging yard for Charleston and Newark, Ohio, and 2 – 2 track 24 car capacity stub end staging yards for the Pennsy Morrow branch, and one each 10 car capacity staging yards for the NYC and NKP. Thus even though a train will go through the same area more than once, the scene will change each time as will the action taken during operation. Come and enjoy a clean, crisp and contemporary model railroading experience on the Cascade Subdivision in Whittier.
Trains running include local switching, interchange, unit trains and scheduled passenger service. Design also accommodated both tunnels on this part of the line as important design elements in the overall plan. Traffic is predominately coal and chemicals moving north and manufactured goods moving south. The time and location for finalizing carpools and organizing car rentals will be announced on the LDSIG’s Bulletin Board in the SIG Room.
Industries served include the largest HO scale oil refinery ever built , a modern intermodal transfer facility similar to Port of Long Beach, a grain terminal, an ore terminal including a scale model of Great Lakes ore ship Aurora, sugar beet loading, lumber operations, citrus operations with icing facilities, passenger trains from the golden era of passenger service and a large narrow gauge railroad. There are still a few sidings and spurs to be installed, including the industrial trackage of Fresno, and the remaining 9 tracks of the lower staging yard in the bedroom staging area. Operations focus on coal traffic both on and off the line with mines and coal processing industries distributed in the mountainous Appalachian scenery.
Staging was developed to provide a reasonable representation of the actual traffic running in September of 1939. As a bonus, Jon also has a T&NO Beaumont Industrial RR, an around the walls HO scale DC switching layout inside his house. I have 3 PFM sound systems that operate the layout that add a great dimension to operation. Staging yards have minimal access, with 3 yards stacked on one wall, and partially hidden staging on the other side of the access aisle.
The LDSIG Layout Tours are open to members’ spouses, and Layout Tour tickets are required. The club is integrating computer control into its operations facilitating dispatcher assigned computer controlled routing although local routing control is also supported. The layout is double-decked with the mountains on the upper level and the Valley on the lower level.
Road crews are responsible for mine runs, empty and full coal trains, hot freights, forwarders, local freights and an occasional passenger train. The layout configuration includes hidden staging at either end of the route and helixes to traverse decks. I use cork for my roadbed for the mainline trackage and the industrial areas are laid directly on Upsom board. Scenery in done through about 70% of the layout, with rough forms in place for the other 30%. There is currently over 800 lineal feet of track in place with a total of 1600 feet planned.
There is minor passenger service (4 -5 car trains, all steam powered heavyweights) between Charleston and Cincinnati and Charleston and Willard, Ohio. This is late in the steam era, but the B&O is still heavily steam powered in this part of the world for another year. The trackage between Gary yard and Joliet yard is double track and is controlled by the #2 dispatcher. The trackage between Joliet and Waukegan is single track with passing tracks and will be controlled by the #1 dispatcher.

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