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During the adventure of building my Model-T, I came to a point of indecisiveness of what to do with the rear setup. The rear radius rods are a car?s system of restraint and direction against an outburst of power.
After trying to come up with a way to possibly modify a pair of 36 bones, I didn?t have the heart to cut a pair up so I decided to build my own. The first step was coming up with a design that involved the style of the originals and the functionality I was after. I happened to have received an associate?s degree in mechanical design last spring so I used my drafting skills to draw out my vision. Once I had fully annotated prints of the components that make up my rods, I sent three of the complicated parts to a laser cutter.
The last two parts were simply bar-stock that I tacked on one end and heated up with a torch and bent around the arcs. At the other end, I decided to attach the rods to the k-member using rod ends from Suicide Doors.
During the course of this project I learned that anything is possible with an imagination and a little determination. After looking at a lot of pictures I think I can use the rear lower qtrs from a 1949 chevy for restoring my qtrs (my qtrs are already molded to the body) The general shape is the same.
I read an article that I found by accident in an early american rodder on early Olds rockets and this was prior to their being rebuild kits around. Hey everyone I saw some guy post about a DEXA scan thing anyone know about that in NJ or NY I'm really curious.. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

I started with an open-drive banjo, but when the Hemi shined around, I decided it wasn?t going to be strong enough. Now, without having ends forged and special tubing extruded, I couldn?t exactly reproduce a 36 bone. I needed them to able to hold onto a three-inch diameter axle housing effortlessly, and clear the frame where it kicks up, all while looking cool for you dames to fall head over heels for. I took into account the geometry of my frame, axle, and the materials I had available to me. I clamped them in a vertical mill and cut a slot length-wise in order for the main-plate to fit in them. I tacked the main-plate in the tube, and then using a torch, I folded the ends in to meet the plate to seal the tube off. Once everything was tacked together and lined up, I welded up the entire assembly, and finished the welds. I received one initial protype a few months back and I am currently awaiting the next round.
We were in touch about a year ago regarding them (I was not a member of the HAMB at the time). You also have to replace the bushing on the small end and hone it for the 352 pin which is smaller than the olds pin. If possible I'd love to see some pics of motor and the stock auto mounts in A model frames. Now, sometimes when components are designed, they look better on paper; when I started getting the parts together, I noticed the main arm tubing was going to too big in diameter, so I had to take some material off of the bottom of the main-plates.
The rod ends came with threaded inserts that fit perfectly into the tubes, which will be welded and finished.

I hope this tech motivates anyone to get out to the garage and attempt to achieve their wildest ideas no-matter how much work it involves.
Thanks guys, now that I know I can use the stock auto Im getting pretty sure Im heading down the olds road if this 371 checks out. The wheels I finally decided on where made by Rally America, chrome reversed Buick outers on International centers wrapped with Hurst slicks. I lined the holes up parallel to the rod by using a fancy laser light and the available edge of the table.
Like everyone here, I have a lot of projects going all the time, one of them being the Night-Train. Coming up with all the right stuff I desire is taking time, but it sure is turning out to be worth it. There are only a few different setups to choose from, and the number of available kits is limited. Once one side was tacked on, I used the mounting holes to line up the second side, and tacked it on. Ladder bars, trucker arms, and four-links are great functionally, but none seem to have the class that the good old 36 rods possess.

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