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Mooney Warther loved the steam engine and at the age of 28 he began carving the history of the steam engine.
At the age of 68, Mooney Warther completed his goal of carving the history of the steam engine. Funding for WKSU is made possible in part through support from the following businesses and organizations. For more information on how your company or organization can support WKSU, download the WKSU Media Kit. The main museum collection is composed of hundreds of model trains, hand-carved over a life time by Ernest Mooney Warther. Outside the museum in the beautiful gardens are lots of train carriages and railway items that kids are welcome to play on and explore. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

At first he carved using walnut wood and bone for his carvings, later he carved in walnut, ebony, ivory, and pearl. They were made by a man dubbed the world's master carver and took nearly five decades to complete.
The detail in each model is amazing, he used original mechanical blueprints to ensure each train is an exact replica.
Don't miss the cave built by Mooney as a play place for his children and still used by visiting children as a secret hideout. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
PErhaps more importantly to the Warthers is their great love of children and family - which you will see in this wonderfully family oriented museum.
The Empire State Express, measuring 8' long, is the largest working ivory carving in the world.

The carvings were a hobby that grew out of the family knife business and the Warther family continue to operate the museum and knife business today.
The Warther wood carving musuem is the home to over 64 model trains all carved to exacting detail. In addition there are numerous smaller wood carvings including, walking canes, plaques, and "whittlings" on display at the wood carving museum. The family clearly has a love of children and the tour leaders always adjust the tour to include the children in the group depending on their ages. Who's on -- and left off -- Ohio's medical marijuana task force?Biggest joke everm these people are evil they know marijuana is harmless they rigged the polls last nov everypne kmows it Dayton 'Black Lives Matter' protesters to appear in court todayPolice to fast with the trigger finger and not the brain.A lot of police officers out here judge by color first instead of accessing the situation first.

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