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Point Richmond is one of those corners of the Bay Area that I’ve never had a chance to explore. It seems only appropriate that the home of the Golden State Model Railroad Museum would be located in this hallowed ground. As you can see in the photos below, I really loved the attention to detail and creativity in the landscapes.
This one-of-a-kind facility features over 600 railroad-related artifacts ranging from a Virginia and Truckee Railroad switch key to a full-sized Colorado and Southern wooden Caboose available for examining both inside and out. Designed to appeal to visitors of all ages and nationalities, the CMRM has set record attendance marks in its first four years of operation and has become the leading year-round tourist attraction in Weld County, Colorado. Visitors may actually stroll through this three dimensional creation while the railroad is in operation. OC&E eastbound run through train No.222 passes over Nasty Flats before reaching its destination at Fairport and the Southern Pacific.
If you know my dad well, you would know that visiting the San Diego Model Railroad Museum at Balboa Park was his suggestion. I guess the long and short of this post is I love my dad and understand him better for having visited this museum. And I did not take any photos of the N Scale but we were very amused we were to see a little scene within the layout of a shark inside a residential swimming pool with police and firetrucks on their way. I was wondering anyone who had good knowledge of euro-train museums if any had a Trans Europe Express set on display?
When somebody says they want to see a TEE set, usually it would be assumed they were talking about the DB VT11.5 sets with the famous jet plane styling, and not any other train which ran on TEE services. I'm pretty sure there's a power car at least in the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.
With the greatest of respect, I totally disagree with this suggestion, as there were many different types of 'TEE set' from fixed MU trains in the early days to loco hauled stock in later years.
Its years since I went inside the Mulhouse museum as I prefer to spend my valuable European travel time on seeing moving trains still in service, but from pictures, it looks like Cite du Train now houses quite a few examples of recently withdrawn stuff . The NL dieselset, brought back from Cananda (Ontario Nortland) is now standing-partly graffitied, in the east-side tracks of Amsterdam Centraal.

Actually one loco is still used on the IC 119 route from Munster dep 0727 to Innsbruck, Austria. Lenox, Massachusetts is where you would find a typical New England train station, but this isn’t just an old train station. If you plan on visiting the Berkshires this summer or fall,make a point to stop by BSRM on a Saturday.
This entry was posted by Jonathan Higgins on August 19, 2015 at 5:52 pm, and is filed under Rail-Fanning, Railroad History, Railroad Musuem. We walked down to Ferry Point, the original western terminus of Santa Fe’s transcontinental line. Not only were they open on Sunday, but that’s precisely when the trains are running (April through December), so we got to see everything in motion. Everywhere I looked there were these little scenes of life playing themselves out in miniature.
They are surrounded by rugged mountains with handmade features including 16,000 fir, 8,000 deciduous and 4,000 aspen trees. A lot of the layouts have little stories within the big picture–usually featuring men at work and their equipment failing or a car sliding into a ditch, logs rolling off a cart and down a hill, etc. My son is fascinated by this loco and if there was one in a museum in Germany or Switzerland or elsewhere I'd love to take him. It’s the most rural mountainous region in western Massachusetts and is often the place where many go to get away during the summer for peace and relaxation. There has been a huge movement in Massachusetts and across America to bring passenger railroad service back.
You can take a short ride on a train in the yard and see some of the equipment, and if staffing allows you to, you can even board some of the equipment.
I also really enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and it also made me feel more akin to my father–as I saw the artistry, time, passion, love and talent that goes into building a model train layout. I've tried searching but a lot of the responses refer, understandably, to the Kraftwerk album not the train! Like most railroad museums, it’s a non-profit organization working off donations and admission fees.

It was overcast and at times very windy, but it was also nice to be out and moving our legs.
From the time BSRM was founded, it provided scenic excursions between Lee and Great Barrington. This may not be the largest railroad museum in New England, but it shouldn’t be overlooked.
It took me a while just to get my bearings before I could even think about taking any pictures. The beautifully painted backdrops and meticulously researched and assembled buildings, cars, and terrain are awe-inspiring.
The state of Massachusetts has been very active in purchasing railroad right-of-ways throughout the state. In February of 2015, the state of Massachusetts purchased 37 miles of the Housatonic Line between Canaan, CT and Pittsfield, MA. I even saw him throw a switch, which reminded me of when my sister and I were young and my dad would take us along to his train club and we’d get into all kinds of mischief trying to throw switches to re-route traffic and turn things on and off. BSRM hit another red signal in 2011 when Housatonic Railroad announced they wouldn’t be renewing their agreement with BSRM.
Since the purchase, work restoring a stretch of track between North Adams and Renfrew, MA, a little over 4 miles, has been underway.
Local businesses want the freight service up and running and this will give BSRM safe rails to get trains running again. A Budd Rail Diesel Car is a self-propelled diesel rail car, it’s almost like a bus on track, and can fit anywhere from 48 to 94 passengers.

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