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Although there are only 2 loops, allowing 2 model trains running simultaneously, there is an appearance of realistic and busy traffic without separating a single track line into different electric sections.
Although HO scale is more popular here in Germany, these are mostly N scale track plans (Fleischmann), because the 9mm gauge is a convenient size for a model railroad layout at home. I like this system, because it has a simple and consistent geometry, and, like Kato, the trackbed is ballasted. Flex tracks are available for custom bendings or routing.But flex tracks were not used for this layout.
When going deeper into track planning it is a good idea to study online sources, or books like John Armstrong, a well known track-plan designer. In Germany we use the metric system, which is based on meters an centimeters (1 m = 100 cm). If you find something of value here, please "pay it forward" and help us keep the site operating by a secure donation through PayPal (PayPal account is not required), or by shopping with our advertisers.

A closer look at the grey line shows a way for freight trains to run along outside of the station halls.
However, feel free to get inspired for other scales, or other manufacturers like Kato, Arnold, Atlas, Minitrix or Peco. The Munich Central Station (= München) was an input for the model railway layout described above. You can download my model railroad track plans on your private computer, or use them for your next layout - the track plans are free. A freight train along passenger platforms in a railhead station does not make sense, isn´t it?
Other inputs are the Ruhrgebiet (= Ruhr area), a region with extensive industry plants, or the Rhein (Rhine river), which however was more prototype for harbor track plans than a lovely river valley with castles and whine hills.
Atlas is ranked 1st out of 13 rail joiners model train track manufacturers, followed by Micro Engineering, Bachmann and Peco.

It is just a simple crossing with one siding; the crossing rails are electrically insulated from each other. Furthermore, this grey line pretends to be a 2-track main line in the foreground, where the trains can parade on the correct side in each direction. Actually it does, so let me start my track plans collection with this idea - it´s my favorite, too! You will also find here track plan ideas for a branch line in a rural scenery; and the train depot idea is more a diorama with function than a model railroad layout.

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