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Well,in all fairness,I've seen some of them and with a little work they could be satisfactory for a layout. As relatively inexpensive kits, they DO present good kitbashing and innovating possibilities.
Welcome to the forums, where collectively we have been known to cheer the well picked nit from time to time.The Plasticville line ( now promoted by Bachman) has been part of the hobby for a very long time, not because of their attention to detail, ease of assembly, or classic styling of mid-western Americana architecture, but mostly because their structures can be used as representatives of many generic places. Since you are ready to go beyond the generic, either find or order one of the Walthers annual catalogs, simply to be exposed to a sizeable portion of those kits that are available from many other suppliers. The tracks are fine, the trains are fine, but the buildings just do not give me the appeal I am looking for.

To be sure, some of the vertical sign structures and such also predated WW2, but the Plasticville stuff does give one a good starting point for this type of building display.
Yes, I have some of their buildings on my layout that date back to my early days in this hobby in the 1960's.
Their catalog will also give you a good idea of the range of detail parts and scratch building supplies that are available for hobbyists. For me, now I am a perfectionist, and they lack the detail and the kitbashing availability. You will need to scrape off the lettering and do some filing, painting and detailing, it's up to you.

Part of progressing in modeling skills is the willingness to build to the best of one's ability, and then adapting, redesigning, kit bashing, scratch building something better. This is a hobby that will let you grow in your perfectionism and still be considered a good fellow.
This is the most popular brand at my local train shop, and I was wondering if anybody knows of a good, reliable brand with good detail and good Kitbashing ability.

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