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COLUMBIA - Simon Crosier's parents said they were never told about key decision in their son's care before he died in the same hospital he was born just three months earlier. AUDRAIN COUNTY - A weak tornado touched down in rural Audrain County near Laddonia and Farber Tuesday evening.
COLUMBIA — This week, mid-Missouri athletes met for opening day of Daniel Boone Little League's Challenger Division. The two have built railways in their house for years, and in the past year began a new outdoor railway project, which they hope to complete by July 2015.
Children who visit the "Old Codgers" railroad will have the opportunity to play as well as learn. Randy Hackman said, because he has been diligent in finding donors and recycled material, he has only spent about $8,000 on the model-sized railroad.
The "OC" railroad is modeled after railways in Colorado, where Kenneth Hackman has his second home.
COLUMBIA — Hundreds of smiling faces filled Columbia College's May Commencement ceremony Saturday.
And sure enough, I scrolled over just a little more and *bingo*-- it was definitely the place I'd seen before driving by on Highway 30. BTW, here's a link to the one I followed-- I tried to find the original point at which I started, but I think I went too far toward Bryn Mawr and Philadephia. As usual, I'm looking forward to your thoughts and opinions-- and this week, hoping you'll post some good links! THere was talk of putting High Speed rail through from Buiffalo NY through Binghamton {were we are} to NYC. You're right, the photo is not of the location in my write-up, rather it is simply a shot of Google Maps showing some train tracks. Yes  I have used google earth to locate some of the tracks, yards and wyes of the old SP around the base of Mt Shasta. I have used Google earth to measure things like turntables, the sizes of grain silos I have seen and wanted to scratch build.
I have mentioned before on the forums that I love to chase ghost in my trusty steed, going miles into the boonies looking for railroad leftovers. A few years ago on GE I saw what looked to be some sort of man made development in the Rockies just off where the old CP  mainline use to be maybe eighty years ago. Three years ago we were exploring the old Kettle Valley Railroad and were turned back by impassable roads.

My twelve year old son is peering over my shoulder at the computer every time I am looking for next years adventure on Google Earth.
In order to hide the clutter in my garage I started painting a backdrop that I can attach to my Free-mo modules.
Progress continues on the Troup Junction scene 5 miles to the east of Nelson BC where the GN ran down to the lake and turned back onto CP tracks for the run into Nelson. I can feel the chill in the air of that shot with patches of snow on the ground - and that one shot definitely looks like the "last chance" gas station! I updated my blog a couple days ago with several pics of my recently completed static grass work, some other scenery, and road weathering. Prototype view looking west along South Siding in Atlantic, Iowa, long-time home of IAIS Jordan Spreader 9500. Layout view of the previous scene, with new static grass and my attempt to model dandelions. Prototype view at McClelland, Iowa as a BNSF detour with a CN leader passes eastward through town. I'm sure I could have gone through it a lot faster (or even walked away completely) but it was just interesting to look at and get ideas from. BUT we MAY jsut do that someday as we can then photograph the loco going by on a train trip.
I can just spend hours and hours clicking on various STEAM train trips around the USA. But it is the same train route, and I think it's an interesting place to study for ideas. If so, are there any places that you can think of that are particularly interesting to share? Some of these tracks were located in areas that could not be reached by car when I was doing field research. On Google Earth I have closely followed the route of the CPR through the Rockies and also the old Kettle Valley rail bed in Southern British Columbia. Using GE was the only way I would have ever found a road or in this particular case goat path access to the area. He loves chasing ghost as much as I do and Google Earth has led us on some good adventures. Google Earth has provided great opportunity to have a first hand look at what is and what was.

The other day I set it up so he could play with the Google maps while I was busy doing something else.
It got me wondering what other interesting places people know about that can be found and followed on Google, or Bing or any of the other mapping services?
I realized I was in PA and near Lancaster soon enough, but I was very surprised that the tracks that I was following led right to the interesting spot I see every time I pass by on the highway.
Working with a local historian, I was able to get old aerial shots of some of these hidden tracks taken in the 40's showing a cab forward using a passing siding. While our forest road service maps are good they don't show everything, so you find the goat paths on GE. You get a feel for it and I think that helps in capturing information enabling us to produce a closer replica to the real thing. When we got there the area was full of very old rusted out machinery and was a huge gravel pit and the machines were used to make ballast.
We then put it in bull low and to our surprise made it up, only bouncing off the skid plates five times.
I still didn't recognize the spot for certain, but for some reason it reminded me of Pennsylvania. Problem is as I pointed out, is that that track line ALSO went over the well known Tunkhannock Viaduct in Nicholson, PA. I only spotted it by accident one day when my Dad was driving and I got to be a passenger in the car. A little further along we found a place where they may have milled wood and wondered if they had milled ties there.
Google Earth isn't great for seeing how steep trails are, but at least you can see if there is a trail. I kept following the track and becoming more and more intrigued with what I was seeing-- factories, quarries, fabricators, warehouses and various industrial operations of all kinds. Idly curious I scrolled down to see it, and looked around the map to see if I could figure out where it was located-- lots of unfamiliar country-sounding place names, nothing rang a bell, so I scrolled around a little more-- just to see if it might be somewhere familiar.
It kept getting more and more interesting and I started looking more closely-- and I kept scrolling along to follow the track-- and then all of a sudden, I came to a spot that just jumped out at me, I *knew* this location!

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