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They would drop a cut of cars at Croton North Yard for the GM plant in Tarrytown, NY then run on the wye track at MO Tower, crossing over the Harlem line 4 track main to the Port Morris Branch, to the ex-NH yard at Oak Point Yard, drop another cut of cars for the Oak Point based locals, run around train and head to Fremont Tower over the Hellgate Bridge to bring interchange to the LIRR at Fresh Pond yard. Fremont Tower was a bit south of Pond, but "upstairs" from Pond Tower back then as it was the interchange track “upgrade” to the NY Connecting RR ROW (ex-NH) from Fresh Pond Yard (downstairs), not sure if this was during LIRR's turn to work the Fremont-Bay Ridge section of track to interchange with the South Brooklyn Railway (NYCTA)and Cross Harbor shortline operation.
While serving as Cleveland's Street Railway Commissioner, Peter Witt designed an all-steel, single-operator streetcar that distinguished itself from others of the era by its use of the center door as an exit only.

Passengers could pay the waiting motorman as they boarded at the front and exit at the center of the car, an arrangement that reduced stop times, improved schedules, and increased efficiency.
Though designed originally for Cleveland, the Peter Witt Streetcar went on to service in cities throughout the world from the 1930s until the early 1960s.

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