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Renting a car can be a very good option for many people, as long as you can get a good rate. We had planned on taking the bus from Plattsburgh to Montreal because they only charge $20 each way.
We were originally hell-bent on taking the bus, but when we jumped in the taxi to take us to the bus station, he said he goes into Canada regularly and could make the trip for just $90.
If Montreal is your one and only destination, skip the car as you can get around easier on foot or subway and you’ll skip out on expensive parking charges at the hotels.

In our case, we flew into Plattsburgh but flew out of Montreal and a one-way car rental is either impossible (in the case of Hertz) or prohibitively expensive.
The trip is scheduled to take right at 2 hours but that can vary with traffic and border crossings.
The downside is that with only 5 departures a day, you’re guaranteed to be doing some waiting. The next bus departure is 3:10pm which is a fairly safe amount of time to grab a cab (only about a $10 ride and 10 minutes) to the bus station, get tickets and be there in plenty time to grab a seat.

Further reassuring our decision, when we crossed the border, a Greyhound Bus was stopped with all passengers de-boarding to be processed by customs—looked like a rather terrible time.

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