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All 69 New York City neighborhoods were scored on total per capita crime as well as types of crime: violent, rape, robbery, grand larceny, felony assault, burglary and auto theft. Contrary to what you might expect, areas like Midtown Manhattan and Greenwich Village were rated as more dangerous than Harlem and Washington Heights.
NYPD interactive map reveals city's most dangerous areas The online map shows the timing and location of crimes by month, allowing research into the patterns of crime across the five boroughs.
The NYPD released a new online, interactive map Sunday that allows users to research major crime across the city. The map plots the time and location of crimes by month, and for the current and prior year. The crime-mapping website was mandated by city law earlier this year and created by the citya€™s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Crime statistics by precinct have been available on the NYPDa€™s website since 2003 and are updated weekly.
But the data posted online previously did not show locations of crimes and were broken down by precinct and patrol borough. The map only lists the incidents by the type of crime, which falls into the seven major crime categories - murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny auto. I've been following Gotham Ruins on Flickr for a while now, and if you have an account I suggest you do the same.

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This striking map of New York City median income overlaid with shooting locations comes from RedditorA im_an_actual_dog, and it appears to be legitimate. Most shootings appear to occur in low-income neighborhoods such as Crown Heights, Harlem, and areas of the Bronx.
The map was based using Redditor ronanconway's shooting map that shows shootings for the first eight months of 2013.A Blue markers indicate non-fatal shootings and black markers indicate fatal shootings. I used to run a crime blog for the city, and I still maintain a number of homicide and crime maps for a bunch of cities along the east coast, and it's local news that supplies all of those. Some lower-income NYC neighborhoods do appear to buck the trend a€” Sunset Park, Borough Park, and Bensonhurst in Brooklyn seem relatively safe, as do Washington Heights and Inwood in upper Manhattan. You might want to skip a block of Frederick Douglass Boulevard between 155th Street and Harlem River Drive in Washington Heights — 18 robberies occurred there in 2015. The 2015 NYPD crime data was analyzed and mapped for the New York Post by Onboard Informatics, a Manhattan firm that crunches data for real estate companies.
Lexington Avenue between East 123rd and East 124th streets, in East Harlem, saw 19 assaults committed.

All rights reserved © 2016 The Real Deal is a registered Trademark of Korangy Publishing Inc. Not only does he upload new shots on a regular basis, but sometimes he tells the always-fascinating story about he got into (or up on, or down under, or whatever) these usually off-limits, sometimes dangerously difficult-to-reach spaces. My particular sources are the Daily News, NY Post, DNAinfo, the twitter feeds NYCityAlerts and NYScanner, and some local sources like CBS and NBC news. Homicide and shootings tend to make the news reliably in a way that robberies and other crimes don't, so while there are surely shootings that did not make my list this is a good picture of shootings.
It found that for home burglaries, West 34th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues led the city in both burglaries (44) and grand larcenies (244) in 2015.
From inside the soon-to-be-demolished Domino Sugar Factory to the tops of the Williamsburg and Brooklyn Bridges; from abandoned subway stations to the legendary Gowanus Bat Cave, Gotham Ruins has snuck in there and captured it. Also, official statistics often count shootings in which there was no injury; my list is comprised of only shootings in at least one person was injured. Since January, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Times Square have experienced most crime since January.

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