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In August of last year, two of the most notorious subway graffiti artists were arrested as they arrived in the United States after a tagging tour of Europe. During their trip the couple is said to have tagged trains and other properties in ten countries in Europe. According to police, the graffiti damages totaled between $100,000 and $200,000 in New York City alone.
Dani and Ether were among a dying breed of talented artists creating subway car graffiti art similar to that which was commonplace in the 1980s.

To celebrate the holiday season, MTA New York City Transit runs a special 'Nostalgia Train' every Sunday through December and we managed to hook up with the vintage train at 53rd Street. The train runs along the 6 Avenue (V) line between the Queens Plaza and Lower East Side 2 Av stations, and features carriages dating back as far the early 1930s, complete with archive adverts, rattan seats and porcelain-covered hand straps.
The trains run along regular lines, so passengers can hop on and enjoy the ride for no extra supplement.
The Metro Trip Planner is a great resource to quickly find the best Metro routes from one Jan 27, 2011 MTA LIRR Info: TransitGuru Subway App The Trip Planner of their choice in the map to see all the stations info, zoom in and zoom out.

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