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Due to USPS size restrictions, we are not able to ship this set via USPS Priority Mail International. MTH's Amtrak Surfliner Set and its Metrolink Set are particularly popular with area model train enthusiasts. Mike originally had been a subcontractor for Lionel until Lionel found out about this model he was offering directly to the customers, and Lionel then cut its ties with Mike. MTH has even made an Amtrak Surfliner Set, a Metrolink Set and many other Southern California favorites. Come by Milepost 38 and check out the largest selection of MTH Railking products in California.

384 steam locomotive has long been considered one of the stalwarts of classic standard gauge locomotives. 384E steam passenger train set's locomotive features a die-cast chassis, stamped metal boiler and tender, a flywheel equipped motor, locomotive speed control in scale MPH increments, electronic reverse unit, operating headlight, synchronized puffing proto-smoke unit, all-metal wheels and gears, equipped with Proto Sound 3 featuring passenger station proto-effects. Also in common with the 402 and a number of other Lionel engines, the 318 was based loosely on the prototype New York Central S-type boxcab - although the Lionel versions were less sharp-edged and arguably handsomer than the real thing. The passenger cars feature stamped steel bodies, all-metal 4 wheel trucks, automatic metal box couplers, colorful and attractive paint schemes, and metal wheels and axles. 384's attractiveness can be attributed to it's many multiple uses during the heyday of the Tinplate era.

Its 16-cylinder, 4300 horsepower motor was designed to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's Tier-2 emissions requirements that took effect in 2005, and this engine delivers 10 percent more horsepower with 50 percent less emissions than its predecessor.
In addition to the diesel motor, virtually every element of the SD70ACe has been re-thought to create a 21st century locomotive.

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