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In the late 1980s, as General Electric and General Motors' Electro-Motive Division engaged in heated competition (that continues today) for market share in the high horsepower category, GE announced its Dash 8 line of diesel locomotives.
Some Dash 8s have 4-wheel trucks — denoted with a "B" while a Dash 8-40C has 6-wheel trucks.
The 3rd Edition of The DCS Companion includes more than 70 additional pages, or nearly 43% more information than the original edition. Klein, but an entire team from Ready To Roll, a Florida area train dealer, all had a hand in its construction.
Although the first demonstrator version had only 3,200 hp, most of the Dash 8s had 4,000 hp when delivered and were therefore designated Dash 8-40. This variety meant that these diesels, which were designed for fast freight duty, also found a home in Amtrak passenger service.
Electric Trains 35th Anniversary Celebration Give-Away is Michael Mikowski of New Hyde Park, New York.

Future drawings will include RailKing O Gauge products, Premier Line O Scale products, HO products, RailKing One-Gauge G Scale products, S Gauge products and Tinplate items.
Entries must be submitted by midnight Saturday, October 3, 2015 in order to be eligible for this week's drawing. DCS Digital Command System includes 76 charts and illustrations, 52% more than the original edition, all intended to educate the reader on the basic and advanced features and functions of DCS.
Electric Trains 35th Anniversary Celebration Give-Away is Farol Henkle of Flushing, Michigan.
Entries must be submitted by midnight Saturday, August 15, 2015 in order to be eligible for this week's drawing. This picture accompanied the feature article in the March 1999 issue.Click on the photo to see a larger image. Because GE builds its diesel locomotives in five modules, it was able to customize its Dash 8s for each buyer to an unusual degree.

Some railroads ordered their Dash 8s with conventional cabs, while others opted for the wider North American or comfort cabs, identified by a "W" in the engine name. The microprocessor, a small computer, regulates rpm, fuel injection volume, generator excitation, and many other operational features to make the Dash 8s run more efficiently than any diesels before them. Barry also lends his expertise on the OGR forum, providing detailed instructions, update information, and open discussions to answer any questions or concerns.

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