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On the morning of April 12th 1862 a military raid took place on the 4-4-0-steam locomotive, The General, as it waited for its crew to finish breakfast, outside the Lacey Hotel in Big Shanty, Georgia. This HO scale General Electric Little Joe electric locomotive is a good-looking model of its prototype and has some innovative remote-control features. By the mid-1960s, EMD's General Purpose locomotives, known as "Geeps," had gained a favorable reputation with railroads. Providing freight and passenger service between Atlanta GA and Chattanooga TN, The General's was seized by northern troops that day, led to the 87 mile race that made railroad history.
Along with sound effects and lights, this model from MTH Electric Trains has remote control pantographs and couplers. Stuffed under its brick-like hood was the largest diesel motor made up to that time, a turbo-charged, 20-cylinder, Electro-Motive Division model 645E.
Dubbed 'The Great Locomotive Chase', Andrews raid took the train northwards towards Chattanooga, in an attempt to meet up with Michel's advancing army. The Great Northern took delivery of the first SD45 in May of 1966 and promptly painted the nickname "Hustle Muscle" on its flanks.

In an attempt to throw off any followers, and generally create havoc, Andrews destroyed telegraph wires, tore up track, sabotaged switches, and burned covered bridges along the way.
The name said it all: the SD45 was heavy freight power, intended for long trains and high speeds.
GP-7, introduced in 1949, had set the standard for the series of locomotives, and the GP-40, which came along 16 years later, was to be yet another improvement in the GP family tree.
The General's conductor, William Allen Fuller, along with two other men, chased the hijacked train, first on foot, then eventually by hand car. And it had the muscular looks to match, with flared radiators capping a long body that filled every inch of its frame - as opposed to its baby brother, the SD40, which had an open "porch" at each end of the engine. When Fuller spotted the stolen train at Etowah he abandoned the handcar and chased the thieves north all the way to Kingston.
Finally, north of Ringgold GA, The General ran out of fuel and Andrew's men abandoned the locomotive ran.
Added-on detail parts include windshield wipers, lift rings, metal grab irons and handrails, see-thru rooftop fan housings, and walkways with safety tread.

Thanks to Proto-Speed Control, this model can dig in and haul long trains at any speed from a crawl to full throttle. And in command mode with the DCS system, you can create a lashup combining one or more SD45s with any other Proto-Sound 2.0 locomotives, and run them all from a single throttle just like the prototype.
Realistic, slow-speed operation is controlled through the industry-leading Proto-Speed ControlT system. Remotely controlled Proto-CouplersT which can be fired open at any time in conventional or command modes gives the operator unprecedented switching functions for a truly fun operating experience.
Repainted in its original Omaha Orange and Pullman Green, it resides today in working condition at the Minnesota Transportation Museum in St.

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