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Current expected delivery is March 2015 and I will be accepting pre-orders for them for $164.00 each. I can barely use my iPhone, not sure I'd be trying to use it to run a train.  But I'm old! I have some key details which should answer most of the questions and will share that shortly, but there are more considerations at play than simply just informing potential customers of all details as soon as they are immediately known.
I've been holding off buying a pad till it was available and I could see and try it out first, but I imagine 7" would probably be perfect for this application, not too big not too small.
Going to direct everyone there so as new or updated information is available I only have to update one location. Interesting discussion around 30min that the smoking whistle feature was first done in the One Gauge Triplex, not in any other engine or scale. MTH has just provided this news release that the new MTH Smart Phone App and related DCS 5.00 Software update are on target for release this month. The DCS app will allow operators to control an entire layout in command or conventional modes without using a DCS handheld remote. Will the softwarework with an iMac, or do I need to send my TIU to you if I opt for this?  How much is everything?
For months you've been hearing about the wonders of the new MTH app and the benefits of controlling your model railroad with your smartphone or tablet.

FULL SCREENThe Fall 2015 Eastern Division, Train Collectors Association meet took place in York, Pa., Oct.
Also if the older TIU's will work or if the next generation will have something extra needed for the wifi to work. Electric Trains is on target to release it's first smartphone and tablet app for controlling a DCS layout wirelessly this October. A TIU (Track Interface Unit) along with the separately sold DCS WIU is required for app control over the layout. Authorized Retailers were unable to host their local DCS National Wi-Fi Day promotions on the previously promoted day of January 23.
Now is your chance to see this exciting technology in action for yourself and learn how easy it is to setup and use. Then click on the video link in the upper lefthand corner to see the MTH Smartphone App in action.
Any Android tablet or phone and Apple iPhone or iPad will bring the DCS Digital Command System to life in a way never thought possible when first paired with a DCS remote control. Simply plug the module into the TIU, search for its WiFi signal on the phone or tablet, and begin running a DCS layout in command mode in no time.
Rather than let those affected by the snow storm miss out on seeing the all-new DCS App in action at their local retailer, we've established February 20th as Make Up Day for the DCS National WiFi Day.

Electric Trains in celebrating DCS National Wi-Fi Day, including some of those that were able to participate on the original January 23 DCS National WiFi Day. Bring your TIU into participating retailers and have it updated with the latest DCS software and pickup the all-new DCS WIU for your layout.
Classic Toy Trains was there selling the latest products from Kalmbach Publishing Co.FULL SCREENToy trains for sale, everywhere you look! Participating retailers will be demonstrating the all-new MTH Smart Phone App and the DCS Wi-Fi Interface Unit, providing DCS Software Updates and offering in-store specials and discounts. Here, we're sharing some of our favorite images from the event, from impressive layouts to new products and technology. The apps will be available for download via the Apple iTunes and Google Play online stores.
As the company name suggests, the pieces for the entire layout are shipped in one carton and assembled with common household glue.

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