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Pictures were not available on first post but Railwaygun has reposted and they are working for me now. Can only agree withe the others impressive and different !.My favourite is the WW1 plane on the trailer. It is a pity the photographs are monochrome, I do like to see the wonderful colours the liveries come in, one of the things that attracted me to American locos. Looks like a compromise between the NC State and UNC colours, but certainly came out smart! Hey John yeh those rail guns were big, but during the war they were also big allied targets so spent the majority of the time in Tunnels.
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Hornby (China) OO Gauge 3 x Steam Outline Locomotives: R2317 4-6-0 Great Western 4093 Dunster Castle, R2402 4-6-0 GWR 6818 Hardwick Grange, DCC ready and R2098D 2-6-2 Great Western 6121 Tank Locomotive Prairie Class 61XX, all are Excellent, boxes Good Plus.
Hornby (China) OO Gauge 3 x Steam Outline Locomotives: R2638 4-6-0 BR 3077 Sir Lamiel, DCC ready, this locomotive is part of the National Railway Museum Collection Edition, R2224 LMS Fowler 2-6-4T 2311 and in un-numbered box 0-6-0 LMS 4418, black, generally Excellent, boxes are Good Plus to Excellent.
Hornby (China) OO Gauge 2 x Diesel Outline Locomotives: R2349 BR Co-Co D400 Ark Royal Class 50 and R2351 Class 47 Riviera Trains Co-Co 47839, both are Near Mint, boxes are Excellent. Hornby (China) OO Gauge 2 x Steam Outline Locomotives: R2221 Battle of Britain Class Locomotive 4-6-2 BR 34067 Tangmere and R2231 4-6-2 BR 46227 Duchess of Rutland, green, both are Near Mint, boxes are Excellent.
Hornby Railways OO Gauge 4 x Steam Outline Locomotives: R320 4-6-2 Southern 21C107 West Country Class Locomotive Wadebridge in box for Exeter Locomotive, note this locomotive has new nameplate to side and has been renumbered, R284 4-6-0 LNER 8579, R125 4-4-0 Great Western 3824 County of Cornwall and R088 2-6-4 LMS 2345 Tank Locomotive, black, generally Excellent, boxes are Good Plus.
Hornby Railways OO Gauge 4 x Steam Outline Locomotives: R154 4-6-0 Southern 795 Sir Dinadan, box is Good to Fair, R062 2-6-4 BR 42308 Tank Locomotive, black, un-numbered box 4-6-0 Great Western 6013 King Henry VIII and R292 4-6-0 Great Western 6027 King Richard I, generally Excellent, boxes are Good.
Hornby Railways OO Gauge 3 x A4 Pacific Locomotives: R350 BR 60022 Mallard, green, R372 LNER 4902 Seagull, blue and un-numbered box LNER 2512 Silver Fox, silver, all Excellent, boxes are Good Plus. Hornby Railways OO Gauge 4 x Steam Outline Locomotives: R053 4-6-0 LNER 2862 Class 17 Manchester United, R398 4-6-2 LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman, R378 4-4-0 LNER 2753 Class D49 Cheshire and R050 4-6-2 LMS 6209 Princess Helena Victoria, note this locomotive is a re-decaled Princess Victoria, the first 3 locomotive boxes are Excellent, the last is Fair to Poor lacking cellophane.

Bachmann OO Gauge Gift Set consisting of 2 x variations of the Mallard Locomotive, the first being the pre-war LNER 4468 with straight valence, blue and the second being a post-war BR 60022 with curved valance, green, both are Near Mint, contained in wooden display box with foam interior, with Limited Edition Certificate No.129 of 1000 and stating that the model was produced to commemorate the diamond jubilee of the world speed record attained on 3rd July 1938 and is dated July 1988. Bachmann OO Gauge Display Set consisting of 4-6-0 Great Western 6960 Locomotive Raveningham Hall, Near Mint, contained in wooden display box with Limited Edition Certificate No.743 of 2000 produced and stating that this is the 9th of the Limited Editions, with additional nameplate and cab side number decal sheet. Bachmann OO Gauge Display Set consisting of 4-6-0 LNER 1306 Locomotive Mayflower, Near Mint, contained in wooden display box; together with display box for 1-Co-Co-1 Diesel Locomotive D172 Ixion Class 46 contained in wooden display box, Near Mint, box is Good Plus. Bachmann OO Gauge 3 x Steam Outline Locomotives: 32551 Class A1 4-6-2 BR 60158 Aberdonian, 31561 V2 2-6-2 BR 60825 and 32162 M Class 2-6-4 BR 31401, black, all Excellent, boxes are Excellent. Bachmann OO Gauge 3 x Steam Outline Locomotives: 31154 Jubilee Class 4-6-0 LMS 5721 Impregnable, 31827 2-6-0 GWR 5355 and in un-numbered box 4-6-0 GWR 7820 Dinmore Manor, all Excellent, boxes are Good Plus, note the last locomotive Dinmore Manor has a non-matching tender. New Railway Modellers Forums • View topic - Horsted Keynes OO, - Captain Baxter Kit available.
Post pictures and information about your own personal model railway layout that is under construction. News Update.Shed is still leaking cause of rain, on the railway front, good progress, the embankments have now been paper mashed, and look very nice, next stage will be to cover it in a new material, which instead of grass on a roll, Hanging basked liner is to be used. Hanging basket liner must tbe the number 1 scenic tip of all time, cheap to buy and very effective.
Very much so, its great stuff I shall be buying more for sure in future, YOu can do so much with it like make long grass of cut it, make clumps of grass and hair spray it to make it stand up its great stuff!
Not been on the forum for some time, and have just caught up on this thread and I am gob smacked at what a superb job you are doing.
Thanks Its very kind these comments, I unlike proffesionals who spend hours and alot of money doing it properly, Me Im still on the budget..
Manager of the Famous under-achieving Lawton Rovers (NRM xperteleven div2)Plans are now afoot for the 2nd relocation and resumtion for my N gauge layout Lawton Road..
I'm gonna need my steel helmet with all those V2's, Scuds and experimental Jet Aircraft flying about!

Not as nice as the new Carolina Coastal Railway livery: I almost wrecked the car when I saw it a few weeks ago in Wilson. I like the plane is it a Junkers ?Also prior to this week didn't reckon on the V2 on the rail wagon and then saw a film featuring it fo REAL ! Im very impressed with what ive seen of it so far on other layouts and its a good cost effective way of doing it.
Platform made from Blockboard, waiting to be finished, Track aligned with board 1, and track layed, awaiting ballast. Impressive collection, is the Soviet Armoured Locomotive the same one as seen in Golden eye? This one however, to me, really catches the atmosphere of the place modelled and that is far more important, well done.And I absolutely love the Met coaches, really superb. Its been a while, and after visiting my local model railway club and seeing how it was done there, and also how to fix it down, i decided to give it ago!I used a mixture of 50% Water, 50% pva glueand a drop of washing up liquid.
This i put in a squeezy bottle like what wood pva comes in.Before applying any glue I have a spray gun, filled with water and washing up liquid, again just a drop. I haven't seen or read anything to indicate that they owned their own locomotive at any point so the painted tender in the box set Webbo linked to is probably a little fanciful, but very charming It is also worth noting that if you are trying to model this train as an accurate portrayal then you will probably need to acquire a rake of flatcars and make some transfers for them, as these coaches seem to have only run with the whole carnival, which was largely made up of flatcars carrying equipment (the train was 96 coaches and cars at one point!!!).
If you do it when the ballast is dry it doesnt work very well.This is the results from the viaductBy the way! Im using N gauge ballast, the oo stuff is very oversized, and N gauge fine ballast chippings, looks spot on i recommed it!Mean while, back in the shed, I assembled the 3rd board and applied track, and a section of station with off ramp.
Heres some images of it taking shape.I need one left express point to finish the job on the 3rd board and a bit of flexi track, then its ready to recieve the ballast.

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