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Small but nice layout design in N scale with scenic ridge and two independent track routes, suitable for continuous running of two passenger or freight trains. Eine groAYe An-der-Wand-Anlage in N, welche Teile der Eisenbahn DM & IR (Missabe) in den USA darstellt. Dies ist ein realistische Wiedergabe von Bahnhof Hof in Deutschland, wie es im Jahr 1951 aussah. GroAYen L-fA┬Ârmigen Bahnanlage in Spur N mit Doppelhauptstrecke und mehrere Anschlussgleise. One relatively large N gauge track plan, based on the Mineral Range layout form Atlas book and extended to 4 x 12 feets.

Small but complex N scale layout plan, build entirely with Fleischmann flex-tracks and turnouts, featuring 3 train stations and a lot of running options. Dies ist eine Variante des Plans von Nathans Pass, welcher von Ralph Gauthier in SCARM konzipiert wurde. Note 3, Exhibition Standard Ballasting: Track is ballasted using a mixture of grey flock powder and wallpaper paste, the result is a high quality ballast effect that will enhance any layout. Post pictures and information about your own personal model railway layout that is under construction. See if you can find a shopping trolley to go near the depot as if its been dithced by chavs Ste.

Thanks barks, im not sure whether i will use it or not just thought i might be able to adapt it, i have a same size board to work on Many thanks,Ste.
Der gesamte Plan wurde von Karlheinz Marks als modulare Anlage in Spur N entwickelt und der Bau wird in KA?rze beginnen.
I've cleaned the wheels and the track and that's improved things, but it's still not perfect.

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