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Seeing DanielB's comment about wanting to have bridges crossing a large body of water, I decided to take some photos of the bridges that I have. Another 'kit' I have is the Plastruct kit 2002 which purports to be a kit for a 123' single-track truss. These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to.
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However, it is a kit in the same way the Wills Craftsman kits are - it is a collection of raw materials and a set of drawings. Needs a little fettling to get the deck assembly to sit right, but when built this is a very solid structure. It comes in two flavours - the one shown here with older-style portals and one with newer-style portals to allow for double-stacks. The 320' version comes with two 40' bents (shown here cut to half height) and 3 80' girder sections. That is more work than I am prepared to invest on a bridge, plus the chances of me being able to cut 20 identical gusset plates out of plastic card are slim to none.

You have to start bending the track outward a couple of pieces before the bridge to accomodate the overly wide track. The girder sections are also available separately, with either a concrete deck or a short section of bridge rail.
In order to substatute Cooch stone piers you must cut off to small connection lugs on each end that would be use with the included modern looking piers.

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