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Formed in 1968 from the Pennsylvania and New York Central Railroads, the Penn Central paved the way for government funded and operated rail passenger service - Amtrak - when it bankrupted in 1970 and left the densely populated northeast without any form of reliable rail transportation.
When Amtrak took over the Santa Fe’s “Super Chief” train, it originally retained the name of the classic silver streamlined service. Like the Super Chief, the Southwest Limited was made up of a mixture of ACF, Pullman and Budd-built stainless steel cars, the same basic consist as the original Santa Fe Train. The then-new EMD SDP40F was a prime candidate for use on the new Amtrak trains, replacing old Santa Fe E and F-units with newer and more recently built equipment.
Brand new paint and numbering for the Santa Fe Cars to represent their post-1974 appearance. Two newly tooled cars, never before done with the Super Chief: The Budd Pine Series 10-6 sleeper and the Pullman 11-Double Bedroom sleeper! Like the prototype, this 1st class train can be combined with the Amtrak Phase I El Capitan to create a full 18 car consist with both coach and 1st class accomodations. Each car is equipped with low flange wheels, KATO magnetic knuckle couplers and shock absorber construction for smooth and reliable operation.
NOTE: Rapido has delayed production and extended the reservation due date for these products.

Rapido is pleased to reveal the latest addition to its acclaimed Panorama Line range of N scale passenger coaches, the NSC 73' 6" Express-Baggage Car.
Almost every train needs a baggage car, from the hot-shot streamliner to the two-car branchline local.
The 73ft 6in Baggage-Express Car brings a new level of realism to N scale modelers everywhere and has all the details you’ve come to expect from our N scale Panorama Line cars.
In Amtrak’s formative years, it would use a variety of equipment from both Penn Central and other roads, many of which would wear their original paint schemes and creating the patchwork “rainbow” consists that made this era so unique.
By combining Amtrak and Penn Central 4-car sets, modelers can easily enjoy these colorful and striking trains.
In 1974, the name was changed from “Super Chief” to “Southwest Limited”, a name it retained for 10 years before becoming the “Southwest Chief”. Like the Santa Fe had done before it, Amtrak combined the ex-Super Chief and ex-El Capitan Hi-level cars in its Southwest Limited service, the single-level cars being used as the 1st class portion of the consist. The SDP40F, despite being based off the core SD40-2 chassis, was geared for a higher maximum speed and given a passenger style full-width cab and body. Modelers who have not previously ordered these, or who would like to order more now have a second chance.

This National Steel Car smooth side baggage-express car has been in use throughout North America for over 60 years. The SDP40F’s were used in multiple phases but lasted in Amtrak Service roughly as long as the “Southwest Limited” name, being transferred over primarily to freight service in 1985. These cars, along with similar cars from other builders, carried baggage and express traffic on primary, secondary and mixed trains.
These cars were used until recently on Amtrak, VIA Rail, Ontario Northland, Algoma Central and are still used on several tourist lines. Then tell them that they would go well with the existing superliner and p42 that kato makes.
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