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The layout is such that I might be able add cassette type movement of cars to and from the layout. We work to make rolling stock roll well and then we have to find a way to keep them still when we move them in mass.
I am hoping to find a solution that combines a measure of protection with easy access to single cars.
I bought drawer slides at the big box, then made drawers and a frame for all of it to sit within.
One thing I don't have in all my drawers yet, but is working well are those bumpy soft plastic tool mats. Box cars have been re-purposed for use as storage units almost as long as railroads have existed in the United States. This kit includes enough parts to build two (2) more storage units using modeler supplied box cars. Like its cousin, the Gunderson MAXI-IV, the MAXI-I is a multi-unit well car designed to carry two stacked intermodal shipping containers. Provides stable operation with or without container loads due to Kato’s new innovative heavier material steel compound plastic used for the construction of the well cars.

Each container has a magnet and a metal plate to hold it securely to the well car bottom or to the top of the lower Kato container. Each 5-well MAXI-I set includes ten removable 40-foot containers, all of which are interchangeable with our other container sets or MAXI-IV Well Cars. Our packaging is designed for the separated storage of the articulated unit, providing ease and security when not in use. The MAXI-I has resiliant plastic connectors between the wells that allow for easy connecting and disengaging for both operation and storage. Instructional video on linking cars: Watch this video (also accessible by clicking the image to the left) for a brief tutorial to give you some guidance if you're having any trouble using the unique connecting system of these articulated cars. This video goes through basic connection out of the box, as well as the proper method of re-linking trucks in the correct orientation if they are removed. Obviously, if your under layout space is already spoken for, you can have it located elsewhere. You get a roll of it and cut to fit your drawers to keep from your tools bouncing around when opening drawers. This 'Box Car Storage' kit includes a re-purposed box car with trucks and couplers, loading platform and stairway, two (2) overhead doors, a personnel door, and all the detailing parts.

While its base well is 40', it can accept larger containers such as 45', 48' and even 53' in the top position, making the car a versatile addition to a railroad's intermodal services. I have a drawer in a cabinet that is being used for rolling stock and a plastic tub is also in use. You could just as easily take a metal tool chest and use it, rather than making it out of wood.
Works the same for rolling stock, although you have to be a little careful about snagging coupler pins, etc. The MAXI-I is a five-unit well car, unlike its 53' cousin, giving each car a greater capacity even though the individual wells are a smaller size.
Since I have quite a few longer cars, freight and passenger, it's more like 250 cars actual between the two, but you can see how you can squeeze a lot of rolling stock in a small space. Cookies are files stored in your browser and are used by most websites to help personalise your web experience.

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