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At the moment the layout is still boxed up in the conservatory, and will remain so for a while as I am going to be starting work on the two industrial switching boards inherited from my friend Jim Bainbridge who is now living in San Francisco…thanks for doing the hard work (ie.
The next outing for Rochelle Intermodal is in September at the annual Seaboard Southern exhibition.A More details can be found on the Seaboard Southern website.
Today I ballasted the track at the Intermodal yard entrance to the tunnel, and added some basic ground cover.

A lot more scenery to go, but I’ll finish the hilltop track first, then I can start on the staging yard.
I’ve added retaining walls to the tunnel mouth near the rear of the intermodal yard and a culvert under the track at the front of the yard. This week I will add some rock faces for interest and the tunnel interior where it can be seen through the tunnel mouths.

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