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How many times have you seen a train layout in a magazine and wished you had the room to build it yourself as your "dream layout"?Enter N-Scale trains.Here's betting you have the room for a layout half the size of the magazine version. N-scale offers all the detail and selection of the larger scales and you can build an intense layout on a 36"X80" interior door mounted on a pair of folding leg sets. The Gateway Central XI railroad will be on display and in operation at this summer’s MCoR Convention. You could take the layout home in October of 2004 when the winner of our raffle will be announced. The scenery represents the upper midwest with a double track tunnel, several through truss bridges and a typical river town with its “Turn of the Century” brick buildings. Pilentum had the opportunity to visit a large model railway layout from a manufacturer of digital model railway control systems in Germany. In N-scale, this can be expanded and provides enough room for a second level while allowing room for a dockside scene on the lower level.
The latest in a long and illustrious series of project railroads built by the Gateway Division as educational, outreach and fundraising tools is a departure from the previous layouts.

Next the highly reliable Kato Unitrack was laid atop the foam, which was carved for basic scenic contours.
It comes complete with power pack, train, and buildings and is wired for two train operations. We hope you enjoy watching it in operation and wish you good luck if you choose to buy some chances! Besides model railroading and railfanning, his interests include bicycling, playing Ice Hockey, skiing, Civil War and Space Program history. The company Rautenhaus is known for offering complete solutions for digital model railway control systems.
The layout represents the River Subdivision of the Burlington between Portage and Savannah, Illinois with its heavy traffic density. The layout was built over several months by Gateway Division members, some of whom had never worked in N-scale  before. Chances are $1 each or 6 for $5 and the winning ticket will be drawn at the Museum of Transportation’s Family Days Celebration.

He runs the oldest Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership in the world and a Buick GMC store that has been in business over 100 years. Digital command control are the modern alternative to control a layout and greatly simplify the wiring and add more flexibility in operations, for example DCC, RMX, Selectrix by Minitrix, handhelds, wireless handhelds, locomotive decoders, controllers, central unit, boosters, Marklin Digital, Trainmaster, Hornby, DYNATROL, Digitrack, Rail-Command, KATO Digital, RailMaster, Rocrail, accessory decoders or sound and function decoders, etc. This was in keeping with the provision that the railroad be an educational experience for our members and encourage new techniques. To ensure, that customers do learn and do understand, how digital model railway control systems are working, this beautiful N Gauge layout exists.
When filming Pilentum gave special attention to the rolling stock in N scale or in scale range 1:160.

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