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When you have a spatial problem like translating a model railroad track plan from a magazine into a full blown, accurate layout, sometimes all it takes is a little time for quietly thinking about the solution.While I was in ICU earlier this month I had the time and the nurses definitely wanted me to be quiet. This is my first post, here, so I hope I'm not breaking any local rules of netiquette by blurting out like this. Jon welcome aboard, We certainly dont mind your jumpin in and making suggestions, we do like to see scribbles of idea's from anyone willing to take the time to do them. I have some Bachmann 4-4-0 locomotives that run pretty well as well as an Atlas 2-6-0 that is an excellent runner.
Alex, are you saying to put the sawmill next to the harbor and have the logging camp on the other side? The Pensacola and Perdido ran from Pensacola, Florida 8 miles west to Millview on the Perdido River.
Further research revealed that on the original Pensacola & Perdido, the logs were actually floated down the river to the sawmill.
Version 1.5 (yes, I've been through a few revisions since my last post ) incorporates a staging track on the back side of the layout. How about some optional removable sections that can be displayed as shelved Dioramas when layout is not in use.
This will not only increase your operating potential, It will also give you Display Diorama's for continuous daily enjoyment.

I started planning the new staging yard by laying a 2x8 sheet of gatorboard onto the benchwork and just laying out turnouts to try some ideas. So just how big can this go?What if I blew up the magazine rendition by scanning it into my computer and resizing it in Corela€™s Paint Shop so it just fits the width of an 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper. I love all the ideas that have been proffered, but somehow, to me, some lack, by putting the sawmill too close to the wharf. I'd like to incorporate the piers, too; now I need to come up with some N-scale sailing ships! If I used this approach, I wouldn't need to incorporate the logging camp (although I may anyway, I haven't decided).
Although it provides operational benefits (to hold the train from the logging camp), it also addresses a need I had on my previous layout - the need to store an extra train on the layout for when friends and relatives visit.
Could you leave the passing loop in there and have the Sawmill track leading off the side of the loop.
This meant running the yard across the front of the layout and ensuring lots of overhead clearance so I could easily reach the rearmost tracks in needed.
I settled on 8 inches and divided it equally into an 8X3 grid.I use a program called SnagIt which allows me to capture sections of the plan and edit them. You are also right about the sawmill, since the mills were at one end of the line and the port on the other.

In the end I did most of the planning like this, only transferring the track plan into my WinTrack track planning software when I had it nearly figured out.
In fact, I am currently working on a small switching puzzle layout that I fancy is the Port of Pensacola. And something cool to consider is that the wharf in P'cola used to be on piers over the water. I'm thinking of a turpentine still as turpentine was a major industry in Florida at the time. The other three sections were re-sized accordingly.The next step is to glue the sheets (in order) to the foam core base using PVA adhesive which is particularly useful to modelers because it dries clear, can be thinned with water, and does not attack polystyrene foam. I try to keep the glue confined to an area directly under the track path applying it with a narrow spatula. Once the sheets are all tight, weight them overnight with the door.Next day use an Xacto knife and cut away all but the track path. This will serve as the guide for laying the cork roadbed which will support the track, switches and eventually the ballast.

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