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The Other End Loop:Finally began construction on my end module in mid-February and quickly made progress. Peter,While I am an M* M-track man, my oldest son (23) is in to n-scale because he is living in an apartment (and we all know the problems there! The result was some divergent systems, some of which were meant to be compatible with N-trak, and others more deliberately non-compatible. It's true that the general public like N-Trak because there's always likely to be a train running past.
With the exception of weathering the Gasometer and some minor detailing, I've finally finished my foray into the world of modeling in N. I did have a question that is partially from Jurgen's post above and partially from some other comments I have heard regarding module modelling. Designed to satisfy the needs of the advanced modeler over the needs of the beginner and general public. Encourages layouts that are optimized for prototypical look and operations by specifying a single mainline down the middle of the module.
Maximizes flexibility for module design and shape by specifying only the end-plate interface and mainline track standards. Encourages a loose association among individuals free of club or group requirements, membership, dues, etc.
The Free-moN standard was created by me, Wesley Steiner, in 2002 and published in early 2004.
Many participants across the country and around the world are building modules and operating free-moN layouts. A link to Dave Falkenburg's very impressive free-moN slide show that adds some flair to the relatively dry standards document.
A link to a drawing of one possible module construction technique using 2" blue foam and plywood. The Chesapeake & Western is a free lance (imaginary) railroad running from Morehead City on the Atlantic Ocean to Chapel Hill North Carolina in the mountains and basically following along the Neuse River. Originally this layout was designed for cab control but this proved too cumbersome and the layout and all the locomotives are being converted to digital.
We used Kato Unitrack for everything because it provides extremely reliable performance and is very easy to install. The latest update on the progress of my Rochelle Intermodal N scale layout – I talk about signals, yards and industry switching plans. The photos below show the progress so far, along with a few photos of a train on the tracks and signals. I am going to add some detail bits between the two main tracks to make it a bit dirtier…looks a bit bare at the moment. In the first (and only!) photo of this update you can see I have started to install the Hayes Wheel Stops on the yard tracks. Hopefully I will get started on the concrete tracks soon – in the meantime I might get started on the styrene base for the intermodal yard apron. John, I've not seen (in person) the Walther's Modulars, but I imagine they're probably similar to the DPM modular 'system.' I used the DPM modular components many years ago when building for a LHS layout, and I can tell you that it would be easy to build a skyscraper with those.

Hi John,If you are going to make a tall building with the modular kits (regardless of the manufacturer), I would use solid pieces of plastic sheeting the size and dimensions of the wall for each side of the building. John,There is a Yahoo Group devoted to scale model cities, and there is some stuff in there relating to skyscrapers.
JohnI am going to build a couple of tall buildings for my city area, about 9-10 storeys high.
If you like the DPM then you'll like these buildings and they are as tall as you should need. Back in college a couple guys were trying to figure what size brick building it would take to where the entire first floor was brick to support the weight.
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While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver. I very much like the idea of FREMO, but think it is not terribly suited to train shows aimed at the general public. I had prepared the boards to that they could build their own and discretely helped my daughter with some of the really small bits while keeping my distance from my wife as she wanted to do it all by herself. First, completed construction of Walther's "gasometer" (used to store the gas created as a by-product of the coking process) and then scratchbuilt two blocks of pre-fab cast concrete flats as well as the little garden shacks in the "grabeland," an informal community garden usually on land owned by the DB.
While I am a little south, I may see this as a great reason for a road trip :!: Maybe a Father-Son thing?My thanks also to you Charles for reminding me of you MARRS-tians! From left: SWMBO, daughter, me, meSeriously though , in our group local there are few rules beyond the spec and that is optional too (to some).
The client wanted to include on a compact layout her favorite seashore location and the home of the University of North Carolina.
The initial plan called for three modules- one representing Morehead City, one representing Chapel Hill, and one in between holding transition terrain and the turntable and roundhouse. The track also holds itself together, which makes joining the modules much more convenient. A shell of plexiglas with architectural features of vertical strips of mat board and horizontal peices of vinyl tape, spaced to leave the plexiglas exposed as windows.
Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. For those that don't know, the Central New York Chapter of of ETE embarked on a n-scale modular project using a slightly modified version of Bend Track.
It is located in Central Maryland and exhibits at shows in Central Maryland, Southeastern Pennsylvania, etc. This is because the public wants to see trains run, and doesn't have time or the inclination to wait for something to move.

Now before this goes too far, I do not especially have a problem personally with that, but I merely wonder what your club does. As you can see, in our family set we have tried, and I think succeeded in maintaining a harmonious look in terms of colors and textures. Motorizing this turntable was challenging but by building a gearbox and shaft stabilizer,  I was able to use a Walthers motor kit and make it work.
Bend Track modules feature a double track mainline, and the beauty of the standard is that it allows for the creation of modules in any length or shape so long as the end-pieces (and height, of course) match up.
My wife also didn't raise an eyebrow when I pulled some new n-scale stock out for the first time. To ensure easy access the loop is painted black on in the inside making it more or less invisible, yet providing interesting viewing as the trains go through (for those at that level.
Bend Track, which we adopted in slightly modified form - benchwork height mostly - is nice because it allows the construction of modules of any size and shape, like Fremo.
To make the trackage more interesting, a siding was added next to the gasometer, the turnout also doubling as a connecting piece to the next module.With the exception of more stunted pine trees, landscaping is mostly done on the lower part with the "grabeland" posing a gardening challenge, as well as the addition of a shed on the tarmac slab. Reality is, ours and the one just below (in the middle) are the ones most likely to get out. I could make a frame-work out of plexiglass or something like it and glue the modular pieces to it. On the third level from the top, I was going to mask off a name and paint it black, but I didn't like any of the trials I did, so I just tried painting it the same as the rest of the building, but it doesn't look too good. On the upper level, there will be parking lots on either side of the flats, paths to the buildings, and a main road separating the flats from the industrial area. For example from the Bend Track site:Unlike N-trak, the "standard" one sees most, Bend Track allows for round-and-round operation, something I think is important at public shows. Is it mainly because everybody started out at the same time and did not know anybody else was doing the same thing and we ended up with a whole bunch of different "non-compatible standards" (how is that for an oxymoron!!!)? I'll be honest, I like the cohesive look, but agree with you on OCD.Peter,Congrats on finishing your module!
In terms of compatability, I agree it can be an issue, but one each group needs to think about individually. Here in NA, we're the first Eurogroup to agree to build a modular layout in N (that I know of). Which for me was:Enough invisible sidings I have many small EMUs and DMUs, this is why there are small sidings on level 0.
Likewise, since we are a very small group we needed something that would look good, and work, with a small number of modules. I'll have new pictures of my end module up when it's done in a few weeks, at which point I'll also add some pics of the modules at our next show in Ithaca, NY with the "Y" in place.

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