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In the 1940’s, the Southern Pacific “Morning Daylight” was possibly the world’s most beautiful train, its orange and red striping being reserved for the SP’s premier train lines. Click the above image to see the full consist layout for the 18 car "Morning Daylight" Passenger Train!
Shock Absorber equipped trucks create a smoother ride and consistent electrical pickup when using interior lighting kits.
Can be upgraded via 923505 Kinematic Couplers to pull the cars closer together without sacrificing turning radius. Formed in 1968 from the Pennsylvania and New York Central Railroads, the Penn Central paved the way for government funded and operated rail passenger service - Amtrak - when it bankrupted in 1970 and left the densely populated northeast without any form of reliable rail transportation. This “Morning Daylight” consist ran between Los Angeles and San Francisco along the beautiful California coast, past cities such as Ventura, Santa Barbara, Salinas and San Jose. In Amtrak’s formative years, it would use a variety of equipment from both Penn Central and other roads, many of which would wear their original paint schemes and creating the patchwork “rainbow” consists that made this era so unique.

By combining Amtrak and Penn Central 4-car sets, modelers can easily enjoy these colorful and striking trains.
New paint schemes: Alaska RR, Burlington Northern (no beacon), BNSF (post-2005 scheme), CSX, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific. Four-inch jaw, liquid-crystal display, locking screw, 1.5V battery, and millimeter to inch conversion. Heading up the “Morning Daylight” was the specially built steam locomotive, the GS-4, one of the most well known steam engines ever built. Five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheels, prototype-specific details, and McHenry knuckle couplers.
Diagonal panel roof, die-cast metal roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps, and 10-foot Youngstown doors. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, prototype-specific details, and McHenry knuckle couplers.

New road numbers: Cotton Belt (type 10 saddles), Dow Chemical, and Montfort Packing (GATX reporting marks). Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, directional lighting, and Accumate knuckle couplers. Route of the Hiawathas slogan, billboard lettering with herald, or yellow band with “DF” lettering.
1937-40, 1942-47, 1946-55, and 1962-66 paint schemes with flat or Youngstown doors as appropriate.

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