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Once the shell is removed, remove the light board from the chassis by removing the small clip that holds down the motor tabs. The chassis modifications I made were very simple modifications to provide support to the rear speaker, which is going to be installed in the location of the original rear headlight. Before installing the light board back on the chassis, insulate the metal contact strips that take power from the trucks to the light board with a small piece of kapton tape in the area where the motor tabs may contact them.
Once you are satisfied with the installation, you can slide the components back onto the chassis.

Once I was satisfied with the fit of the decoder in the chassis, I glued the rear speaker to the two .100" styrene blocks that were installed to hold it. In order to let the sound out of the shell, you need to create an opening for the sound to escape. First, I cut the glass insert for the cab so that the cab insert could be slid straight down, instead of needing to be removed by sliding it backwards.
Second, I cut the light tube for the front headlight so that I could pull the chassis out with with the tube attached, but still leave the headlight lenses in place.

I plan on installing a surface mounted LED for the rear headlight, but I have yet to make this installation.

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