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Another thing that needs to be done is to cover the insulation before I get to serious about putting in scenery.
That grade may be the limiting factor as to how many cars your engine can push up it, or if it can get up at all. You could just make a straight section on a board and try different grades and see what it does to engine performance.
It was rather odd that I thought of using the Gum Stump & Snowshoe track plan for a lime stone quarry. I knew that the quarry at one time severed the the Lehigh Valley but never knew exactly where. The shovel and engine pictured above is a composite of two 126 Kodak Instamatic pictures spliced together.

The upper right end were the stone crusher and storage bins are going to go need to be modified. I think it’ll undergo some changes as I progress from the quarry around to the mine section.
As I wrote this up I was thinking I need to do something with the right side and the two middle sections. What I did to use one engine I added a passing siding next to the lower left track and it was a lot more useful.
I did a little investigation using Bing maps and did some screen captures so i could add history to my theme of the railroad. Looking at it didn't make sense to have a narrow gauge line if the standard gauge could get this close to the quarry.

I was thinking of maybe something like I showed in one of the aerial view of the Leroy quarry.
Besides limestone ballast I was thinking limestone slabs being shipped to a company that cuts it into limestone blocks for buildings.

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