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This is the second post of a series of articles for the collection of SCARM track plans and layouts found in the World Wide Web.
See one more picture of the real layout in the thread, called Kato-Unitrack-Layout on the forum. You can read more in the post of Alfa3 (in Russian) in the thread How to make normal HO layout on the forum. See more about Syrous layout in the thread of the same name – The Kicking Horse Pass to Field Sub on the forum. This entry was posted in Railroad Layouts & Design Ideas and tagged collection, design, ideas, layouts, model, plans, railroad, railway, track plan by Milen Peev - Author of SCARM.

We frequently get requests for Unitrack Track Plans, so we have put together this section to feature some plans. Please note that Kato USA cannot provide individual support for these plans and they are supplied as examples only! Software is available from various companies if you wish to design your UNITRACK layout on a computer. It is divided in two sides with the town of Field on back side (allowing for yard switching) and the pass over the Kicking Horse river in front. Due to the age of some of the plans, some may reference out of production or discontinued track items or old pricing information.

The real layout building already started and is in progress – see the pictures below. It is intended for kids playing with up to four short trains (one of them running at a time) and shunting operations in the yards and the train station. We apologize for any confusion this may cause - refer to our Unitrack website for complete listings of all current items and prices.

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