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An articulated engine that provided tremendous power at high speeds, the EM-1 was ideal for hauling passengers and heavy loads of coal up and down the Appalachian Mountains.
I got a Wilesco D5 and Mamod SW1 about 7 years ago but always wanted something bigger which I could ride on.
Sorry if something like this has been posted before I have only just signed up to the forum.
Yes, there are a few members here that have ride on sized Loco's and TE's, and I'd expect they'll be coming along to post on this thread in due time.

As promised here are my collection of engines, not very good pictures compared to everyone else's puts mine to shame! Les is that Moors Vally by any chance I seem to recognise one of the cars in the background ?! Meanwhile I suggest you just cruise around the different boards and see what all is afoot here. It is coal fired and i have seen it running untill the old boy who has now passed away took it apart and i bought it as a BIG box of parts ,,..

With its twin brass flywheels, all-wheel pickup, and traction tires, it is ready to ascend to new heights of modeling on your N scale layout.

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