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The Union Pacific FEF (Four Eight Four), along with the GS-4 is easily one of the most recognizable US steam prototypes still in operation today. New model railroad products from Athearn Trains, Broadway Limited Imports, Walthers, and more! FEF-3: Semi-modern appearance is appropriate for modern layouts behind UP Excursion trains as well as historical layouts operating freight and UP passenger services. FEF-3: New coreless motor design with dual brass flywheels for silky-smooth performance at all speeds, even slow crawls.
FEF-3: Special cross-braced shock absorbers equalize the pressure on the locomotive drivers to maximize traction. Water Tenders: The separate "Flag" plate will be prototypically applied to the Jim Adams Car. Lubrication: Unless a locomotive has been sitting for a long period of time without use, Kato locomotives will not need lubrication prior to running.
The FEF-3 series of steam locomotives was delivered in 1944 and were the last, and some of the largest, steam locomotives delivered for use by the Union Pacific.
The only thing that I'd say, is the box the train comes in and the way its packed is intimidating for how delicate the locomotive is.
New paint schemes: Canadian Pacific (dashed or white sill stripes, one road number each), CP Rail System (white sill stripe, one number), CSX (solid gray scheme), Soo Line (black Milwaukee Road patchout in two numbers, orange patchout in one number), Southern Pacific (as delivered), and Union Pacific (UPY reporting marks).
New paint schemes: Burlington Northern (black with double rotary coupler ends) and Canadian National. Injection-molded plastic with covered front entrance, back porch and deck, printed interior sheet with curtains, and parts for peaked or hip roof. Laser-cut wood kit, new chimney castings, peel-and-stick shingles, factory-cut window glazing, corrugated porch overhang material, and signs. Burlington Northern (BNSF reporting marks, four road numbers), BNSF Ry., Fruit Growers Express (FGCX or FGMR marks, four numbers each), and Union Pacific (ARMN marks). Clock light, ball light, park light, streetlight, highway light (two versions), and curved light. Clock light, ball light, park light (two versions), streetlight, highway light, and curved light (two versions).
50-ton Barber-Bettendorf, 70-ton roller-bearing, 100-ton roller-bearing, Andrews, roller-bearing caboose, and Commonwealth express. Featuring a number of revolutionary design innovations, including a coreless motor with dual flywheels for silky-smooth siderod operation at any speed (even a slow crawl!),  Inside bearing wheels (where appropriate), and a special articulated undercarriage on the unique, 14-wheel Tender to allow the locomotive to navigate tighter curves and S-bends!
In fact, excessive lubrication can facilitate gunky buildup in your motor and impede performance.
Laser-cut wood and Hydrocal construction, light-emitting diode interior lighting, Tichy Train Group vents, and Best Trains white metal castings.
Lines, Pacific Far East Line, Showa (exterior posts), and States Marine Lines (exterior posts).

Five-pole skewed-armature motor with flywheels, separately applied details, McHenry scale knuckle couplers, and dual-mode SoundTraxx sound decoder. The dimensionally accurate plastic model features a coreless-motor drive that can be converted to Digital Command Control. Light-emitting diode, brass construction, and quick connection plug in wire harness with resistors.
Separately applied bell and handrails, prototype-specific stack, and Accumate knuckle couplers.
Can be built as a stand-alone building, split in half for two low-relief structures, or divided into eight units. Painted black but unlettered with steel or wood cab and with or without red windows and white stripes.
Thinner scale die-cast metal construction, scale width between sideframes, and drop-in replacement for all Atlas rolling stock. Denver & Rio Grande Western (Flying Grande lettering with short tender, “bumble bee” scheme with short tender, or Royal Gorge herald with long tender), Rio Grande Southern (sunrise herald with short tender), painted black but unlettered with short tender, and painted black but unlettered with red and white trim and long tender.
Another benefit of the coreless motor system is that the locomotive has an extremely low starting voltage, giving the locomotive slow creeping speeds that will allow modelers to appreciate the complex arrangement of moving side rods that make steam operation so exciting. Separately applied wire grab irons, prototype-specific details, and McHenry scale knuckle couplers.
Five-pole skew-wound motor, separately applied wire grab irons, and McHenry scale knuckle couplers. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, prototype-specific details, and scale-profile handrails. Louis-San Francisco heritage schemes), CSX (boxcar logo), Potash Corp., and Richardson (TRGX reporting marks). Detailed interior, sprung diaphragms, separately applied underbody detail, and Accumate knuckle couplers. Die-cast metal construction, light-emitting diode headlights, and choice of three stacks and headlights. Other features, such as the locomotive's unique "Centipede" style tender being fitted with special articulation mechanisms that appear seamless when observed but bend and flex to allow the locomotive to navigate tighter corners than should otherwise be possible! With Digital Command Control decoder for speed, direction, and lighting (SoundTraxx 16-bit sound module sold separately, $119). Etched-metal running boards, factory-installed wire grab irons, and McHenry scale knuckle couplers. Separately applied details, etched-metal platforms, and McHenry operating scale knuckle couplers. Factory-assembled plastic model with operating signal head and etched-metal handrails and walkways. Die-cast metal chassis and cylinders, metal valve gear and side rods, and light-emitting diode headlight and back-up light.

Paragon2 dual-mode sound and operation system, five-pole can motor with flywheel, and separately applied details. Quick Plug for Digital Command Control decoder, flush-fitting windows, and McHenry scale knuckle couplers.
American Colloid (American Revolution Bicentennial scheme), Fruit Growers Express (Baltimore & Ohio or RBNX reporting marks), Northern Pacific, Pennsylvania RR, Seatrain, and undecorated.
Removable coal load, Tangent 100-ton N-11 trucks with metal wheelsets, and Kadee scale knuckle couplers.
Boston & Maine, Buffalo Creek, Lehigh Valley, Maine Central, Milwaukee Road, Rutland, St.
Factory-assembled plastic model with six operating signal heads and etched-metal handrails and walkways.
Body-mounted Accumate knuckle couplers, etched-metal running boards, and prototype-specific roof and doors.
Paragon2 dual-mode sound and operation system, plastic body and die-cast metal chassis, five-pole can motor with dual flywheels (A unit only), separately applied details, and operating knuckle couplers. Carbide and Carbon Chemicals, Chemcell, Northern California Wineries, Philadelphia Quartz Co., and Transcontinental Oil Co.
Positionable sliding doors, metal wheelsets, and body-mounted E-Z Mate Mark II knuckle couplers. American Refrigerator Transit Co., Burlington Northern, Canadian National, Fruit Growers Express, and Tropicana. Contains two structures that can be used separately or combined to make a larger structure.
Model features new and existing tooling and body-mounted E-Z Mate Mark II knuckle couplers. Injection-molded plastic structure with Queen Anne-style bay windows, shoe-shaped sign, and trash bin. Injection-molded plastic model with plastic wheelsets and body-mounted Magne-Matic knuckle couplers. Kit features Hydrocal plaster and pewter castings, Northeastern Scale Lumber, Tichy Train Group doors and windows, and illuminated interior with high-intensity light-emitting diodes and fiber optics. Factory-painted and weathered model with interior rafter detail, sawdust and wood piles, and figure. Injection-molded plastic kit with interlocking wall alignment system, and separate details, including plants, window boxes, and root cellar door.

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