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SAN ANGELO – Santa Claus came to San Angelo over the weekend not by way of his traditional 12-reindeer crew, but by train. The Railway Museum served as Santa’s North Pole, Winter Wonderland environment with over 10 Christmas trees decorated, Christmas lights and inflatable Christmas characters. Wendy Rhoades and husband Rodney, with help from a few other “elves” put in 130 man hours, starting Nov.
Rhoades outlined the following schedule of individuals who will be reading Christmas stories. While it may come as little consolation to the thousands of Red Line riders on the city's South Side who need to make alternate transportation plans for at least the next five months beginning Sunday, the CTA on Wednesday unveiled a doozie of a new map app.
The agency's brand-new (beta) train tracker map allows commuters to take a peek at their commute in real-time.
Users may click on any train station for an up-to-date list of arrival times or they can click on any train en route to find out approximately how long it will be before it arrives at upcoming stops.
As the RedEye's Tracy Swartz pointed out, CTA riders at the system's underground stations may have difficulty using the app's new features on their phone given the spotty-to-nonexistent underground cell service, but the agency has said it is working to address that issue.

On a bleak, rainy day in the 1930s (or perhaps 1940s) a crowded school bus stalled at a railroad crossing near San Antonio, TX. Though reports of moving cars and ghost prints persist, the school bus accident never happened, at least not in Texas.
While the accident back story may be false, what about the mysterious movement of visitors’ cars? Tales of gravity hills and haunted railroad tracks are not uncommon (complete with ghost children and doomed school buses).
When Old Saint Nick pulled in at the Railway Museum of San Angelo located in the Orient Santa Fe Depot at 10 a.m. It's sort of like watching a turtle race or monitoring the city's mesmerizing Plow Tracker during a snowstorm. Though the San Antonio story is the most famous, similar stories can be found around the country. During the remainder of the Christmas Show, on Friday and Saturdays, there will only be one door prize given at 8 p.m.

12 it will be Pat Attebery; SMD6 Council member, Charlotte Farmer, will be there on Friday, Dec. Nowadays, if someone stops their vehicle on the same tracks, an unseen force will push the car to safety. The San Antonio tracks slope slightly downwards, meaning gravity, not ghosts, move the vehicles.
If the person dusts their bumper with baby powder and then stops on the tracks, small hand prints will appear. It seems the children killed all those years ago want to save others from suffering the same fate, or so the story goes. The accident resulted in days of nationwide coverage, and researchers believe this incident inspired the San Antonio legend.

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